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James Buchanan
President 1857-1861. sectional tensions up. Dred Scott, John Brown's raid, S. Carolina seceded. no action
sectional probs
Bleeding Kansas
dispute b/t North and South over Kansas being free or slave. during elections South swamped Kansas to vote for slavery -> northern and southern govt in Kansas and bloodshed over which govt controlled the state.
Sumner-Brooks Affair 1855
in Senate, Charles Sumner (Northerner) blamed the South for Bleeding Kansas, degraded Preston Brooks (Southerner). ->Brooks beat Sumner w/ a cane
John Brown
1856 Pottawatomie Massacre Brown and followers killed 5 pro-slave dudeds and started a 4 month massacre in Kansas. 200 ppl killed. North = martyr. South = lunatic. Brown tried to raid a military depot in Harper's Ferry, VA. hung for treason by pro-slave dudes
Panic of 1857
Northern depression caused b reduction of agricultural prices, speculative buying, unsound currency issued by the state banks. -> southerners overconfident to defeat North in Civil War and be self-sufficient
Dred Scott Decesion 1857
Supreme Court Ruling to settle slavery quesition. Dred Scott (slave) taken by his owner from a slave state to a free state. when returned to MI, Scott claimed his residence on free soil made him a free man. Chief Justice Roger Taney ruled: original intent of the Framers of the Const was the black men and women had no rights + bound to respect could not be citizens od the US. Congress had no power to exclude slavery from any part of the US -> MI Comp unconstitutional. denounced in North and West ->public controversy over slavery
denounced in North and West ->public controversy over slavery
Lincoln-Douglass Debates 1858
Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglass ran against each other for the Senate seat in Illinois. Lincoln challenged Douglass to 7 debates. major issue: legal status of slavery in territories. Douglass: Freeport Doctrine- pop sov and Dred Scott legal. Lincoln: opposed expansion of slavery ->national public figure
Gadsen Purchase 1853
US govt bought land $10 mil Southern Transcontinental Railroad
Hinton R. Helper
non-aritocratic N. Carolinian Helper wrote "The Impending Crisis" lat 1850s. book against slavery. non-slaveholding whites were the ones that sufferd the most from slavery. captured by southerners and killed
a person
Election of 1860
decided Southerners would stay in Union or secede. Douglass: pop sov. Brekenridge: Southern Demo Dred Scott. John Bell (Const. Union Party) save Union thru comp. Lincoln: repub, restrict spread of slavery
Crittenden Comp 1861
last-ditch effort to preserve Union. Senator Crittenden suggested the 36 30' line be extended to the Pacific. territories north of line = free states. south = slave states. Lincoln opposed, South seceded from Union
last effort