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Manifest DEstiny
belief that the US = most perfect country + God wanted the US to expand. (less forunate ppl in western hemisphere enjoy the blessings of democracy)
Texas War for Independence 1835-1836
war b/t Texas and Mexico after Texas Declared independence from Mexico. did not annex immediately b/c nothereners don't want more southern states. annexed in 1845
Santa Anna
president of Mexico during the Texas War and the Mex war. After both wars, Santa Ana ceded nothern provinces of Mex and Texas to the US
Alamo 1835
alamo = church putside antonio. site of a battle b/t Mex and Tex. 182 Am men died. "remember the Alamo" help spur Tex armies to fight the Mex
Sam Houston
US Senate for led Tex Army to victory in 1836
Election of 1840
Democratic candidate MArtin Van Buren defeated by Will Henry Harrision (whig nominee). hoopla. 1st political slogan "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too". 1st symbols: log cabin and hard cider
William Henry Harrison
1841 1st Whig president. 1st president to die in office.
John Tyler
Harrison's vice president. pres in 1841-1844. reorganized Navy, ended the Seminole War, opened diplomatice relations w/ China
Webster-Ashbury Treat 1842
Lord Ashburton from England and Daniel webster from Am negotiated border b/t Maine and Canada in 1842. treaty gave US portion of the disputed land and defined boundaries b/t Lake Superior and MAine
land dispute
John Jacob Astor
Am fur trapper and realtor who went to the Oregon Territory to challenge the Hudson Bay Co monopoly on the fur trade and returned to the east bankrupt
not very important
Oregon territory
at one time jointly occupied by England, US, Russia, and Spain. later only Britain and US. treaty b/t US and England in 1846 split the territory at the 49th pararllel.
54 40' or fight
ORegon jointly occupied by England and am. Am wanted all of Oregon territory to the 54 40' N parallel or they would fight the British
James K. Polk
Democratic President 1845-1849. lowered tariffs, reestablish the independent Treasury, obtained Oregon and CAlifornia, directed Mex war (US acquired Mex Cession)
Walker Tariff 1846
reduced the duty rates from 325 to 25% and pacified the South temporarily
south happy
Spot Resolutions 1846
Lincoln asked Polk to name the "spot" on Am soil where blood had been shed. came after Polk demanded war against Mex b/c shed blood. (Am blood had been shed in disputed territory and not Am soil)
General Zachary Taylor
led 5,00 men against Santa Ana's 20,000 during the Battle of Buena Vista. military hero ->pres
Mexican War 1846
Polk sent General Taylor and army to disputed Tex territory. Taylor waited for Mex offensive..provoked Sanata Anna. Mex offense justified Polk's declaration of war. US defeated MEx. rewarded w/ peace treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
Wilmot Proviso 1846
statement by David Wilmot. said slavery should not exist in any part of the territories recieved from MEx. (symbolized buring isssue of slavery b/t North and south)
John C. Fremont
Capt. Fremont in CA in 1846. overthrew Mex govt ->new CA republic
Treaty of Gudalup-Hidalgo 1848
signed by Nicholas trist. ended Mex war, Am title to Texas. gave land from Mex to Oregon for $15 mil and required US govvt to assume all claims against MEx
Mex Cession 1848
large amount of land given to the US after the Mex war. present-day Utah, Arizona, Nevada New Mexico, and CA