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Common people was taught to believe in Science.
Tabula Rosa
New philosophes who was introduced by Newton and Locke during the Enlightenment
French Philosophes who wrote 'Spirit of the Laws' about divide the lawsmakers into 3 groups to balance out each decision making.
wrote 'Candide' about believing in freedom of speech, press, religion. about the best thing that would happen.
wrote 'Encyclopedias'- a reference in all the world's knowledge in it.
David Hume
started training people studying human psychology & sociology.
Francois Quesney
led the Group Physicocrats(Laisse-faire) "Hands off"; believed that Govt should not be involved in the Economy that all all wealth should come from farm-makers.
Adam Smith
wrote 'Wealth of Nation'- it explains why trade made everyone wealthy.
wrote 'Social Contract'- believe that freedom is what make Govt want to do the People; harmonize individual liberty with gov't authority.

also wrote 'Emile' terrible book on how to run people
rich ladies; debate the ideas of PHilosophes and spread the idea of Philsophes all over Europe.
social groups "secret socity" support monarchy in secret; practice being the govt.
Innovations in Art, Music & Literature
A) Rococco- a style of Architecture to design buildings of the century.
B) Music: Opera, Concerto, Sonata, Symphony, Composers (Bach, Handel, Hayden, Mozart)
C) Novel
Hifh Culture
A) Spoke Latin & French
B) Reading Spread High Culture to all classes.
--1)Spectator-Addison & Steele
Crime & Punishment
Torture, Public Executions, Forced Labor, Criminals to Colonies, By End of Century less corporal & Capital Punishment. Now Discipline by regular work.
World of Medicine
A) Vienna: Best Medicine School
B)Few Physicians, but many surgeons
C)Common People: Apothecaries(drugist), Mid-wives, Faith healers
Popular Culture
A)Oral-singing, poetry, stories
B)Public Activities:Weddings, Church Festivities; Christmas; Easter; Carnival
new movement; believe God created the world and left and forgot about it. not christians; don't believe in Jesus.
John Wesley
belong in the Church of Enlgand; formed a methodist club finding the truth about worshipping GOd and living the better life; after he died, Methodist is formed and spread.