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what president was elected in 1840
William Harrison
who replaced John harrison in 1840
John Tyler
what was a cause of the Aroostook war?
The British wanted to build a road from Halifax to Quebec to obtain supplies in case of a war. However, the road ran thru "no-mans"land so Maine and Canada fought each other.
what were the results of the Aroostook War
Lord Ashburton established relations with Webster and compromised 7000m of 1200m to the US which contained the Mesabi ore from Minnesota.
What were some of the tensions related with texas
1) Mico considered a province in revolt& threatened war if the US tried to its protectorate
2)texas had to maintain a costly army to protect themselves
3)Br. abolitionists wanted to free texas blacks hoping to causes US slaves to revolt.
4) Br. merchants wanted texas as a free trade area which would offset tariff-walled US
Daniel Webster was a supporter of the Union and helped to ease tensions between the N&S by...
1) March of seventh speech which helped the N. in 1850 lean towards compromise
was William Seward for or against concession
William Seward was against concession becuz he obeyed "a higher law"
after taylor died who took over? how did he feel about concessions
Millard Fillmore was definitely for concessions
In what ways was the compromise of 1850 beneficial to the North
California was admitted as a free state. The territory disputed by New Mexico and texas would be given to New Mexico. there would be an bolition of the slave trade in the district of Columbia
what did the South recieve from the compromise of 1850
The remainder of the Mexican cession were to form New Mexico. Utah would be open to popular sovereignty. Texas was to receive 10 miollion from the federal govt. as compensation for the fugitive slave law
what were personal liberty laws
They were an adverse reaction to the fugitive slave law
who was the dark horse nominee of 1852
Franklin pierce
Although the Whig party had nominated Winfield Scott they were were split. Why?
The Whig party was split because the S. whigs hated the nominee and liked the platform, which supported the fugitive slave act. however, the N. whigs hated the platform but liked the nominee
what were the motives in the Mexican war
to stimulate interest in a trans-isthmian land route thru central america
-manifest destiny
what did william walker try to do
william walker tried to gain control of cuba and became president in 1856. he then legalized slavery. however, he was overthrown by the coalition of Central American nations and killed by a honduran firing squad in 1860
what treaty said that neither Britain or the US could fortify/secure exclusive control over any future isthmian waterway
The Clayton Bulwer treaty of 1850
how was trade with japan/china made possible
through the acquisition of oregon and california
what was the ostend manifesto?
It said that if Spain refused to sell Cuba we would beat the crap out of them
what was the gadsden purchase?
it gave us the right to buy RR land for 10 million from Santa Anna
who was james K. Polk
he was the pro expansin democrat in 1844. He was the first dark horse sponsored by Andrew Jackson. There was a reannexation of Texas, reoccupation of Oregon and called clay a corrupt bargainer
Polk wanted california, but relations with mexico were rocky after the war w/them. so what did he do?
he sent John slidell in 1845 to offer a max of 25millioin for california and for teritory east of Mexico however, they refused to see him which infuriated us
what was the boundary dispute over?
The texans were clamoring that border was at the Rio grande while it had been determined to stop at the Nueces river during the Mexican-american war
what did Polk order General Zachary Taylor to do in order to irritate the mexicans?
General Taylor was ordered to march his soldiers from the Nueces Rio to the Rio Grande near Mex. forces.
what caues the war
On April 25, 1846 MExican troops crossed the Rio Grande and attacked Taylor's troops. Congress then voted for war
who was the leader of the Bear flag revolt
John c. Fremont
what battle made General Zachary Taylor famous?
Taylor was made famous at Buena Vista when he expelled 20,000 mexicans with only 5000 men.