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what did the Protestant reformation cause
rebirth of protestantism
who was martin luther
he was a professor, almost got struck by lightning-thought God was punishing him- prayed to st Anne and said he would become a monk if he didnt die
what was luther's main belief
justification by faith
What were Luther's beliefs
sermons and bibles should be in the vernacular, rituals should be simplified, the church should be more spiritual, no confession, less hierchy in clerggy, and priests should marry
giving positions to faimly and friends
letting people buy high church positions
certification that cancelled their sins and was an admission to heaven
what did john tetzel do
sold indulgences to the families of the deceased
what happened to luther when he posted the placard on the doors of the wittenburg chuch
wouldn't withdraw his critisizms, was condemned, his works were banned and was excommunicated, the Worms asked him to withdraw he didnt and was condemned a heretic and went into hiding