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Samuel Slater
"Father of the factory sys" 1793 created the Spinning Jenny
Lowell Sys
mass produce textiles. New England farm girls as laborers. everything done inside the factory
Eli Whitney
1793 invented the cotton gin. separate seed from cotton fiber. influenced mass production w/ interchangable parts for guns.
cotton and guns
Robert Fulton
1807 1st vessel boat powered by a steam engine
Erie Canal1 825
connected the great lakes with the Hudson river. led by Gov. DeWitt Clinton. beginning of the "canal building craze"
Cyrus McCormick
1831 invented the reaper. cutting grain done in the fraction of the time
cut grain faster
Samuel F.B. Morse
1844 1st person to send a message by telegraph.
Elias Howe
w. Issac Singer. invented the sewing machinein 1846. labor saving device for women
women happy w/ his device
Cyrus Fields
wealthy paper manufaturer who stretched a cable b/t new Foundland and Ireland. 1st transatlantic cable
nothing to do w/ a field
Clipper Ship
designed by Donald McKay. outrun any steamer w/ a bunch of sails ans masts
Pony Express 1860-1861
mail service established to carry mail from MI to CA in 10 days. Morse's telegraph outdid express...ponies died
Commonwealth v. Hunt 1842
Court decesion reconizing the legality og labor Unions. made it possible for labor unions to engage in legal economic and political activities.
labor unions