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unequal treatment based on race, ethnicity, gender and other distictions?
The constituionally guaranteed rights that may not be arbitrarily removed by the government among theses rights are to vote among theses rights are the right to vote and equal protection under the law?
civil rights
equality before the law. It reqiuires that there be no legally mandated obsticles to equal treatment such as laws that prevent people from voting
de jure equality
equality of results, wich measure the whether realworld obsticalsto equal treatment exist. Some examples are: do people actually live where they want to? do they work under similar conditions?
de facto equality
action that is taken by state officials sanctiond by sate law
state action
laws passed by southern states that separated the races in public places such as railroads,streetcars,schools and cemeteries
Jim crow laws
a voting fee, now unconstituional that was used to prevent african americans from voting in the south
poll tax
a system in which employers advance wages and then require workers to remain on thier jobs, in effect inslaving them , until the debt is satisfied?
The elmination of laws and practices mandating sepration of the races
government efforts to balance the racial composition in schools and public places
breaking the law in a nonviolent fashion and being willing to suffer the consequences even to point of going to jail
civil disobedience
refusal to patronize any orgganization that practices polices that are preceived to be unfair for political economic or ideological reasons
a march in which people walk down a street with signs , singing songs and chanting slogans
protest march
a protest techneqae in which protesters refuse to leave an area
civil rights activists who traveled thorughout the south on buses to test compliance with the supream corts madate on transpartation?
freedom riders
predjudice against the female gender
policy that invoves the us of police powers by the federal government to suprevice the conduct of individuals, businesses and other governmental agencies.
regulatory policy
policy that uses positve incentives to promote or incourage basic social and economic fairness
social welfair policy
what is the police title of members of congress, the president, supreame court justices and cabinate memebers.
policy elites
the set of topics that are a source of concern for policy elites.
public agenda
policy that uses positve incentives to promote or incourage basic social and economic fairness
social welfair policy
policy that uses positve incentives to promote or incourage basic social and economic fairness
social welfair policy
laws restriting civil rights of blacks
black coes
the right to vote
the idea that people should have equal rights and opportrunities to develope their talents, that all people should begin at the same starting point in a race
equality of opportunity
The idea that all forms of inequality, including economic disparties, should be completley eradicated; this may mean giving some an advantage at the start so that everyone will complete the race at the same point?
equality of result.
programes that attempt to improve the chances of minoraties applicants for jobs, housing and employment or graduate admissions by giving them a boost relative to white applicants with roughly the same qualifications
affirmative action
Test court casers of what reasonable people would agree to be constituional becuase the law has a rational basis for its existence.
test of reasonableness
strict scruntiny test?
test of laws which discriminate on the basis of a characteristic trhat immutable by birth