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determination of a given trait, such as skin color of height, produced by the interaction of many genes
polygenic inheritance
offspring produced when two varieties of plants or animals or closely related speices, are mated; they often exhibit greater vigor and size that their parents
presence of more that two alleles for a given genetic trait in a species
multiple alleles
In humans, the 22 pairs of matching homologous chromosomes
in humans, the 23rd pair of choromosomes, which controls the inheritance of sex charateristics and differs in males and females
sex chromosomes
equal expression of both allels; cause the phenotpe of both homozygote parent organisms to be produced in the homozygote offspring.
codominant alleles
graphic representation showing patterns of inhertiance in a family of breeding group; yields genetic information about a related group
heterozyous individual that appears phenotypcially the same as a homozygous dominant indivdual, but which has a resessive allele for an undesirable trait
inherited trait such as color blindness, controlled by genes located on the sex chromosomes
sex-linked trait
mating between closely related individuals to produce pure lines; however, undesirable resessive traits appear more often than in random mating
breeding technique used to determine whether an indidual is homozygous dominant ro heterozygous for a particular trait; often employed by plants and animal breeders to test for such traits as blindness and disease vulnerablility
inheritance pattern in which the phenotype of the heterozygote in intermediate between those of the two homozygous; neither allele fo the pair is completely dominanat but they combine to give a new trait
incomplete dominance