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What is referred to as the "people's branch"?
What session of Congress are we currently in?
What ammendment states the Congressional term?
How long is each congressional session?
2 years
How often do we elect a new Congress?
Every 2 years
What is the time limit set by the Congress to ratify an ammendment?
7 years
More presidents come from what level of Congress?
The Senate
What is a Filibuster?
A tatic used to block a bill
Who can use filibusters?
The Senate
Which level of Congress has limited debate?
The House of Representatives
What is a Cloture?
a vote to end filibusters
How many women are currently in the Senate?
What are 7 important functions of Congress?
2)Law making
3)Concensus building
4)Over seeing bureaucracy
5)Policy clarification
6)Confirming presidental appointees and ratifying treaties
7)Investigating operations of goverment agencies or other problems
Who gets a say on Vice Presidency?
The House of Representatives
What ammendment requires a Vice President?
During the Clinton Adminstration on what did the Congress investigate?
White Water
How long was the White Water investigation?
8 years
Approximately how much money did Congress spend on the White Water Investigation?
40 million dollars
What are some criticisms of Congress?
4)Lacks collective responsibility
5)Delegates too much to executive branch
6)Too responsive to organized interests
Who are Oklahoma's 2 senators?
Imhoff and Colburn
Which level of Congress must do annual financial disclosures?
Both the Senate and the House
Who was the first woman leader in Congress?
What was Pelosi's leadership title?
House Minority Leader
Approximately how much does it cost to win a seat in the House of Representatives?
3 million dollars
Approximately how much does it cost to win a set in the Senate?
4 million dollars
What drives our Congressional/Governmental system?
Why was Congress created?
Founders feared tyrannical rulers, founders also had experienced the weakness of the congress under the Articles of Confederation, bicameralism attempts to balance the power among large and small states
Where are the enumerated powers of Congress found?
Article 1 Section 8
What are some of the enumerated powers of Congress?
1)Control of money
2)Regulation of trade beyond state borders
3)regulation of millitary
4)defining the court structure
Where did Congress get its implied powers from?
the necessary and proper clause and McCulloch v. MD
What are some of the implied powers of the Congress?
enact laws that may assist the Congress in accomplishing goals directly related to the enumerated power
Law making, constituent service (casework), representing, oversight, public education and conflict resolution are what?
Functions of Congress
Where are the members of House of Representatives elected from?
Local districts
Where are the members of the Senate elected from?
an entire state
How often are House elections held?
Every 2 years
How are House members elected?
by popular ballot
The founders of the constitution believed the bulk of government powers should be in the hands of what branch?
the legislative branch
How is our congress divided?
Into a bicameral Congress
House of Representatives is determined how?
By population of the states
The Senate is determined how?
By small state equality
How long is an HOR term?
2 years
How long is a senate term?
6 years
What are 6 basic functions of Congress?
1) Law making
2) Service to constitutents
3) Representation
4) Oversight
5) Public Education
6) Conflict Resolution
What is the most obvious and important function of Congress?
Law making
What is an important aspect to getting relected and is accomplished mostly by casework?
Service to the constitutents