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What is line of symmetry?
A single line that divides a figure in two congruent halves.
What are three basic undefined terms in geometry?
Point, line, and plane.
What is a point?
A dot that identifies a location.
What is a line?
A set of points that extends without end in two opposite directions.
What is a plane?
A set of points that extend without end in all directions alomg a flat surface.
What is a ray?
Part of a line that begins at one point and extendswithout end in one direction.
What is a segment?
Part of a line that begins at one point and ends at another.
What is an angle?
Two rays that have a commen endpoint.
What is a coordinate plane?
A number plane formed by two perpendicular number lines that intersect at their origens.
What do you use to make constructions?
A compass-and-straightedge.
What is a postulate?
Statements that are accepted without proof.
What is the distance formula?
d= \/(x2-x1) + (y2-y1)
What is the midpoint formula?
m= \/(x1+x2,y1=y2)
(_____ _____)
( 2 2 )
What are vertical angles?
Two angles whose sides form two pairs of opposite rays.
The bluejay is... Taco Bell.