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to stumble or hesitate
falter - he faltered when he walked onto the stage
to capture or fear something that might happen
apprehension- I was filled with apprehension before the test.
violent anger or punishment
wrath - the student felt the teacher's wrath when he was caught cheating
unable to be moved
immobile- the rock was immobile
to satisfy
appease the ice cream appeased my hunger
to ask humbly to pray
supplication - the church members bowed in supplication to God
not possible to please or satisfy
implacable - the spoiled child was implacable no matter what he was given.
timidly - the child timidly told Santa what she wanted for Christmas
albeit. It is hot, albeit cloudy and grey.
to feel extreme disgust
loathe - Hadley loathes Harry Potter
moving in a sudden, violent way
convulsively - He coughed convusivley all night long.
deadly pale
ashen - her face was ashen when she heard the bad news
to change the appearance of something; to make more beautiful
transfigure -her pain was transfigured to peace when she fell asleep
courageous or ambitious
gumption - The kid had gumption when he asked the teacher for extra points.
easily sensed or felt
palpable - the energy in the volleyball game was palpable
to act like you despise something; disrespectful
contemptuously - Hitler contemptuously took over the countries of Europe
stranded or left alone
marooned - they were marooned on a deserted island.