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rough Riders
members were rough and touble cowboys, sheriffs,and football players
"Bully pulpit"
as president he could speak for the country as a whole, defining national goals, problems and solutions
"Old Guard" Republican
member of the conservative branch of his party
Square Deal
goal of fairness and justice for the american people
breaking up trusts
Bureau of Coporations
gathered information on firms so the department of justice could decide if they wanted to take them to court
Elkins Act
Barred railroads from giving refunds to favored customers
Hepburn Act
gave government the right to cut railroad rates if felt they were to high
Meat Inspection Act
gave inspectors form department of agriculture the right ot amke sure meat shipped across state lines came from healthy animals and packed under sanitary conditions
Pure Food and Durg Act
eliminated abuses in food processing and manufacturing of patent medicines
Dr. Harvey W. Wiley
chief of bureau of chemistryin the dempartment of agriculture showed that many food preservatives contained harmful chemicals
Harrison Narcotic Act
federal government joined the battle agianst harmful drugs