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sacramental moment
daily life expieriences of God's loving presence
sacramental awareness
special appreciation of the sacred in the world
sacramental dullness
what those who cannot perceive the sacred in their life or in the world suffer from
grace definition
creative, transforming, and sustaining self-gift of God that is always being offered to us
Mr. lodes' definition of grace
God with us
state of being; mode of existing in which one is in complete and total union with God
"in which one is completely separated from God"
in which one prepares for "by cleansing, purifying, and purging"
effacious signs of grace of God with us instituted by Christ & entrusted to the Church by which divine life is dispensed to us. The visible rites be which the sacraments are celebrated signify & make present the graces prper to each sacrament. They bear fruit in those who receive them with the required disposition
Catechism definition of sacrament
3 causes of sacramental moments
listening, responding, and accepting God
3 categories of sacraments
initiation, healing, and service
list 5 different ways God speaks to us
bible, friends, family, expieriences, and prayer
broad def. of sacrament
when God touches our lives like in sacramental moments
narrow def. of sacrament
7 sacraments
what does God offer us and what is our option?
friendship- right to reject it because of free will
ways of communication
listening & responding, dialogue, body language, facial expressions, and God's body language
def. of Cathechism of Catholic Church
exposition of the writings of the Roman Catholic Church
Role of the Catholic Church in the sacraments?
to act as an in between and prepare you for the sacraments bud God actually performs them