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true or false
people need people from birth to death
our choices have _______ effecting others.
give and example of a "victimless crime" and who/what does it affect
drug abuse:family, drug user, community, job, team, grades
who does the ripple effect affect
self, family, community, and future
true or false
making the right choices has a positive affect
name the 5 forms of prayer
blessing: resp. blessing God
petition:our needs, forgive
intercession:for others
thanksgiving: show gratitude
praise: five glory to god for just his being
to begin to understand the connection btw. faith and moral decision making
as people of ____ we trn to Jesus and the Church to help us make the best choices possible
right or wrong of an action. doing right; virtue. the way we put or beliefs into action for good.
what do we learn about when we study morality
-beliefs, values, virtues, rules, principles we ned to know and to be good -gives us direction -true happiness
what does faith and morality = ?
God's friendship
true or false
God gives many signs of Him wanting to be true friends. first calls when offers morality.
first calls when offers grace.
gift of God's life
4 step process to making good moral decisions
1. affectivity:is in heart, morality has birth in heart
2.reason: listen intently, reflect on feelings
3. faith: we can reason w/, need God perspective
4. process: info, facts, edu., advice from mature ppl
what helps us understand what a human should be?
moral good
describe permanent(true) happiness
-being good: god's image, give talents and gifts, have talents
-doing good:instilled w/ god's wisdom
-doing good for others: service, use talents
name where/when we all bring something to the table.
sports teams, musical cast, family
we have a natural sense of what is good and what is evil
natural law
what is a good person?
-someone who has accepted Jesus into their life
-in order to be truely human we have to be moral
Can a person be good w/o religion or faith?
-our religious faith adds both motivation and meaning to the moral life for us. our faith gives us a special understanding of the purpose and meaning of morality.
means we are holy
through the gift of grace we are cleansed of our sins and our hearts are turned toward God.
why is Jesus so important to a discussion of morality?
Jesus taught that the moral life is living in friendship w/ God.
how do we know that someone is truly a friend?
when he/sheh treats us w/ goodness and respect
working for what is best for another person
derives from two latin words:
well and wishing