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learning style
the way an individual PERCEIVES and PROCESSES information to learn new material
porcess of condering new information and INTERNALIZING it
professional behaviors
Those actions that identify the cma as a MEMBER of a healthcare profession,dependability, respectul care, initiative, positive attitude and teamwork
How indiviuals internalize new infomration and MAKE IT THEIR OWN
SENSITIVITY to the individual needs and reactions of patients
how and individual looks at information and SEES IT AS REAL
critical thinking
constant practice of considering ALL ASPECTS of a situation in DECIDING what to believe or what to do
People are what kind of thinkers?
*Concrete or abstract perceiver
*Active or reflective processors
What are keys to your sucess?
*Problem solving
* Conflict management
What is the first sept to reaching a solution to a problem?
Identify the central issue
What are methods for determining possible solutions to a conflict?
* Brainstorming
* Pros and cons list
What is an effective way to represent the main idea of the topic ?
* create a mind map
What are some time management strategies?
* determine your purpose
*identify your goal
*get organized
What are some study skills of a successful student?
*Organize information in groups
*use picture or diagrams
*read and highlight
*take notes
What are some strategies that can help you become successful at tests?
*prepare adequately
*control negative thoughts
*indentify key words in the question