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1. What is a definition of psychology?
a study of uman behavior and eprience, encompass ever aspect of te human mind, thoughts and feelings and actions.
2. What is determinism?
the philosophical proposition that every event, including human cognition, decision and action, is causally determined by an unbroken chain of prior occurrences. It holds that no random, spontaneous, mysterious, or miraculous events occur. The principal consequence of the deterministic claim is that it poses a challenge to the existence of free will.
3. What is the concept of free will? How does it relate to deteriminism?
it is the beleif that behavior is casued by aperson's idependent deisions. it relates becasue our acions hae intention or will
4. How has the PET scan been helpful?
it shows the parts of your brain that wrok when it comes to experiencing different emotios or actions.the brainand mind relationship
5. What is the difference between Nature and Nurture? How are they defined?
how do differences in hereditary and environment
6. What do cognitive psychologists do?
studies proces of thinking and learning, what do ppl know, how they know it, express and apply knoweldge.
7.What do evolutionary psychologists do?
they try to explian the behaior in terms of evolutionary history of the species, including reasons evolutin might have a forced tendency to act in a paticular way.
8.What do social psychologists do?
believes that personality charateristics are insufficant to predict a persons thoughts and feelings.
9. What does an industrial/organizational psychologist do?
apply principles od psyc to work places, training and improve production of work place.
10. What is the difference between a clinical psychologist and a psychiatrist?
psychiatrist is trained as medical doctor, work in mentl clinic, hospitals, write perscriptions.
a clinical psyc: is a soical worker and how to treat emotionally troubled indiv.
11. How much education does a psychologist need? A clinical social worker?
less training then a psych, they are trained in intellectual and personality, treatment and pass oards
12.What happened to make psychology a science instead of a philosophy?
bc philosopy is the study of ethics how to live and psych is a science that make up evaluation of the human mind