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The Enlightenment
rejection of traditiona;, social, religious and political ideas. rationalism: John Locke
Salutary Neglect
neglect by England of her colonies. colonistss did not enforce Parliaments acts, began to believe Parliament had no control over them
Grenville Acts 1764-1765
Stamp, Sugar, and Currency Acts. designed to control trade and raise revenue.
led to Revolutionary war
Sugar Act 1764
lowered duty on molasses by 1/2, levied tax on sugar, forbade importation of rum. threatened triangular trade.
Colonists refuse to buy sugar/boycott. received taxation w/out representation.
Currency Acts 1751, 1764
1st forbade Ma from printin currency. 2nd forbade all colonies from issuing currency. madde $ scarce in colonies.
Stamp Act 1765
all printed materials must have a revenue stamp. help pay for British troops to protect the colonists. Stamp ACt Congress begins to try to end Stamp Act. (letters to other colonies, petition Parliament and king, non-importation agreement
Repeal of Stamp Act 1766
boycott of stamps. British enforce Declaratory Act
Declaratory Act 1766
virtual representation legal. the right of PArliament's parental authority over colonies. colonists ignore it.
Townsend Acts 1767
light tax on glass, white lead, paper and tea. (essential to colonies)Colonists boycott products
Patrick Henry
"Give me Liberty or Give Me Death" incite revolution
Give me....
Samuel Adams
leader of Am revolution. led Boston Tea Party and attended 1st Continental Congress for MA. signed Dec. of Ind.
Sons of Liberty
radicals, tarred, feathered, hanged, ransacked houses of unpopular officials and stamp agents. boycotted english goods. (boycott/mob rule)
Boston MAssacre 1770
townpeople taunt Brit soldiers, killed/massacred.
Massachusetts Circular letter 1770
drafted by MA legislatures. urged all colonies to support Non-importation agreements-against Townshend Acts
Repeal of Townshend Acts
still tax on tes
1773 Tea Act/Boston Tea PArty
tax on tea coming from Britain. Colonists dress as MOwhawks and raid ships belonging to Britain's East India Tea Co. (tax w/out rep)
1774 Intolerable/Coercive Acts
5 laws passed by Parliament: 1)closed Boston port 2) British soldiers tried in England 3)reduced power of colonies local govt and forbade town meetings 4)required colonists to provide food and shelter to Brit soldiers 5)western territory north of the Ohio River given to Quebec, not colonistts. Boston hurt economically, funds from other colonies. -> 1st Continental Congress
1774 Quartering Act
Brit troops could stay in homes of colonists. colonists openly resentful