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belief system of Puritans. John Calvin- predestination. Puritanism-theocracy. Congragational religion b/c all Puritan males had a say in govt affairs
Anne Hutchinson
excommunicated from church in 1638. salvation through faith in God. banished to Rhode Island 1637
Plymouth Colony
1620. Pilgrims land in Plymouth, Mass for religious freedom. "Seprate from Church of England" Mayflower
Roger Williams
founded Rhode Island after being banshied from Mass Bay Colony in 1635. Religion should be free from govt control
Religion should be free from govt control
Henry Hudson
sailed up hudson bay
not important
William Bradford
1st elected governor of the Plymouth Colony. served 30 years
not too important
Massachusetts Bay Colony
1630s. Puritans establish (Boston), Mass. could nout "purify" Anglican Church, didn;t want to separate. all Puritan males had a say in govt affairs
could nout "purify" Anglican Church
Thomas Hooker
founded Connecticut. dissatisfied w/ conservative views, founded HArtford, Connecticut 1636
not impo
William Penn
Quaker. religious toleration. founded Pennsylvania-haven for religious freedom and democracy
Quaker. Pennsylvania
John Winthrop
led 1,000 Puritans to AMerica 1630. governor of Mass Bay Colony
Cambridge Agreement
bound Winthrop and Puritans to migrate to America if the British govt allowed them to keep a charter that gave Puritans virtual self-govt by 1629
John Cotton
supported strict Puritanism. close partnership b/t church and state
Mayflower Compact
1st written agreement of self-govt in AMerica. colonists realized outside English jurisdiction-> all signed to obey equal/just laws passed by majority