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system clock (measured in hertz)
2.4 billion clock cycles per sec
freeware, shareware, public domain software
PDA (palm pilot)
softwares- PIM (calendar, addresses)
spreadsheet software
excel (use charts)
digital versatile disc-ROM or
digital video disc-ROM
high capacity disc storing 4.7 GB to 17GB
must have DVD-ROM drive or DVD player to read
stores databases, music, complex softwares, movies
Rewritable DVD
some are double sided
different ways to upgrade CPU
chip to chip
piggy back
daugther board upgrade
(central processing unit)
interprets and carries out basic instructions that operate a computer.
control unit.
arithmetic logic unit (ALU).
The four operations of the CPU that make up the machine cycle.
1. fetch- obtain program instructions or data item from memory.
2. decode- translate instructions into commands.
3. execute- carry out and command.
4. store- write result to memory.
helps speed computer processes by storing frequently used instructions and data.
also called memory cache.
how is application software distributed
packaged software, custom software, shareware, freeware, public-domain software
how big is a point?
1/72nd of an inch
what is a nanosecond?
1 billionth of a second
what is the average size of a harddrive
40-250 gigabites
what is spreadsheet software?
-organizes data
-performs calculations and recalculates when data changes.
=Sum (C12:Y12)
what is a function?
a predefined formula that performs calculations
=SUM (C4:C8)
what are the different parts of the database?
-a table contains records
-a record is a row in a table that contains information about a person, product, or event
-a field is a column in a table that contains a specific piece of information within a record
what does volatile mean?
the information is lost when the computer is turned off
storage medium is nonvolatile
contents are restored when power is turned off
memory is volatile
holds data and instructions temporarily
floppy disk formula
2 sides x 80 tracks x 18 secotrs per track x 512 bites per sector= 1.44 MB
what is a cylinder?
vertical section of track through all platters; single movement of read/write head arms accesses all platters in cylinder
what is a disk cache?
portion of memory that processor uses to store frequently accessed items
1st request for data- to disk cache
2nd request for data- to hard disk
what is a track
divided into evenly sized sectors that store items
what is static ram (SRAM)
used for special applications such as cache
faster and more reliable than DRAM chips
what is dynamic ram (DRAM)
most common type
faster variations of DRAM are SDRAm and RDRAM