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Who founded the lighthouse service and in what year?
Alexander Hamilton 1789
When was the Revenue Cutter Service formed?
Aug 4, 1790
Who was the first commisioned officer?
Hopely Yeaton, Mar 1791
What war did the CGC Harriett Lane fire the first shot?
Civil War
Who was the first African-American to command a U.S. Government Vessel?
LT Michael Healy, 1877
Who was the first superintendent of the Life Saving Service?
Sumner Kimbal, Jun 1879
What year did Joshua James rescue 29 people and earn one of his Gold Life Saving medals?
Who won the life saving service medals for their part of the Overland Relief Expedition?
LT Jarvis and LT Bertholf
What month and year was the Coast Guard formed?
Jan 1915
What year was the CGC Tampa torpedoed by a German U-boat?
What was the first military action of WWII?
CGC Northland captures Buskoe
Who was the first commisioned SPAR?
Dorthy Stratton, 1942
When did Douglass Munro earn the Medal of Honor for his part at Guadacanal?
Who was the first woman to command a U.S. military vessel?
LT. Beverly Kelley, 1979
Who was the first woman Admiral?
RADM Joyce Johnson, 1997
Who was the first African-American MCPO of the CG?
Vincent Patton III
Who was the first African-American CG Admiral?
RADM Eroll Brown, 1998
Who was the first CG woman Admiral?
RADM Vivian Crea, 2000
Who was the only man in history to win the Gold Lifesaving Service Medal and the Medal of Honor?
Marcas Hanna, served as lighthouse keeper at Cape Elizabeth Light
What war was the CG used in the operation "Market Time"
What was the first war that the entire CG was transfered to the Navy?