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basso continuo
~also called thoroughbass
~functions as both melodic and harmonic bass
~written in bass staff with figured bass below notes
harmony in baroque period
~figured bass used a lot
~modulation and use of seventh chords very commonplace
Baroque tonality
~strong sense of tonal center
~titles of compositions commonly indicated keys
texture in Baroque period
~predominantly polyphonic
tempo and dynamics in Baroque period
~very limited use
improvisation in Baroque period
~melodic ornaments
~variations on a theme
~realization of figured bass
musical forms in Baroque period
~dance suite
Baroque composers
Baroque keyboard instruments
~calvichord: produced sound with small metal tangent at end of key striking strings from below, delicate, used in intimate settings
~harpsichord: plucked, fuller tone than harpsichord
terraced dynamics
used in Baroque period, different dynamics played on different keyboards
Pre-Classical music
~abandonment of polyphonic texture in favor of homophonic texture
~disappearance of basso continuo
~change from binary to ternary form
Pre-Classical composers
~Mozart, Leopold
~Benda, Georg
~Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
~Paradisi, Domenico
Classical form
~ternary form
~clear phrase structure (well-defined cadences, shorter)
Classical texture
~homophonic texture
~Alberti bass
~thin, light
Classical melodic style
~generally diatonic
Classical harmony
~primary triads and diatonic harmony
~barely any seventh chords
Classical improvisation
~composers more consistent with indications of stuff, BARELY ANY improv
absolute music
~used in classical music
~no descriptive titles and no attempt to describe non-musical things
Classical composers
Classical pianos
~Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the gravicembalo col piano e forte