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What is CP?
Damage/lesion to 1 or more parts of the CNS
Is CP progressive?
No, but it is permanent
When does CP occur?
prenatal, perinatal or postnatal
What happens in prenatal that can cause CP?
genetic abnomalities
maternal health factors: stress, malnutrition, drugs, hypertension
What happens in perinatal that can cause CP?
complications from prematurity: resp cardiovasc problems
Multiple births
Premature detachment of the placenta
What happens in postnatal that can cause CP?
Infection of the child: (meningitis, encephalitis)
Alcohol/drug intoxication while breast feeding
What is posture?
alignment of the body's parts in relation to each other and the environment
What aids in maintaining posture?
Righting reactions
Equilibrium reactions
What is balance reaction?
Righting reactions and
Equilibrium reactions working together.
What if a person can't use balance reaction to correct their posture quickly?
Then protective extension reaction kicks in to protect fall.
How does postural stability (ability to right and balance posture)develop?
It develops through experimentation and experiences in a variety of combination of positions such as prone, supine, sitting, kneeling, standing.
What is MS tone?
state of continuous mild contraction in the MS
What determines MS tone?
gravity: Must be able to move through it
emotions and mental state: level of alterness, fatigue & excitement
What are common motor development problems in CP?
-Abnormal MS tone
-Primitive Reflex
-Poor Bal Reactions
-Body awareness/body scheme due to inaccurate sensory info
-Joint hypermobility
-MS weakness
-Decreased exploration
What are the classification CP?
Lesion in the MOtor Cortex
Lesion in the Basal Ganglia
What does MOTOR CORTEX lesions cause?
Spasticity (hypertonicity): during, middle or end of mvmnt excessive ms tone builds up and then rapidly releases
What does BASAL GANGLIA lesions cause?
ATHETOSIS: fluctuating tone (rapid shifts from normal or hypertonic to low or hypotonic) Mvmts are unsteady; person appears to be swiping or writhing
ATAXIA: Less common and shifts are at lesser degree. MOre control but appear clumsy
What is CP distribution?
the body parts that are the most affected by the movement control problems
What are the distributions?
Quadiplegia: all 4 extremities
Diplegia: lower half
hemiplegia: one side of body
What deformaties can arise from poor posture?
MS contractures
Bone deformities
Joint dislocation/misalignment
What health problems/impairments can arise from body part deformities?
skin breakdown (unable to move)
cardiac and resp functions (fatigue results thus, further decrease in activity)