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How many articles are in the CEQA guidelines?
Does a Phase 1 of the CEQA process require independent review by a Lead Agency? True/False?
How many Categerical Exemption classes are there?
Are Master EIR's similar to Program and Staged EIR's? True/False?
Project may be considered to have a significant adverse effect if..
All of the above : )
Required Contents of DEIR
All of the above : )
NOE must include
All of the above : )
Which is not required in a NOP?
Public Notice of DEIR
Must be sent with a NOA and NOC and distribute the document for review and completion and distributed.
Less than significant impact =
does not reach threashold of significance
Response to EIR
All of the above : )
Land Evaluation Site Assessment
Finding of Significant Impact agency must adopt MMP True or False?
Guidelines for CEQA located on what page?
page 199
After the public review period, the Lead Agency is required to prepare a FEIR that includes ..
All of the above : )
Type of alternatives that must be included =
that avoid, or substainally lesson any significant enviro impacts.
A focus EIR may not be prepared for
change in conditions ID'd in a Master EIR
CEQA required a public hearing for =
a Master EIR and Final EIR
Cumulative impacts analysis of a EIR
Identify related project through a list or projection approach,
Summarize effects of related projects, and reasonably analyze the cumulative impacts of the proposed project and recommend mitigation measures for the significant cumulative impacts.
EIR must ID which impacts
Direct Impacts, Indirect Impacts, Short and Long Term Impacts, Irreversible Environmental Changes, Growth Inducing Impacts and Cumulative Impacts
If a project has multiple objectives, each alternative does not have to satisfy all objectives True or False?
What type fo EIR falls under review for DF and G hunting and fishing regulations?
Mater EIR
Environmental effect considered significant if?
All of the above : )
What is the required content of a I.S.??
Project Description, Enviro Setting, Potential Enviro Impacts, Mit Measures for any sign effect, consistency with plans and policies, Names of perparers
Which type of EIR that cannot be used in tiering?
What is the purpose of a NOE?
To find a project exempt
Who can prepare a DEIR?
Lead Agency, Public and Private Entity, Project Applicant or project applicants consultant, 3rd party contractor involving the L.A. project appliant and consultant
Ministerial Projects are examples of a?
Catogorical Exemption
Neither OPR nor Cal Resources Agency has authority to enforce CEQA? True or False?
Trustee agencies do not have legal authority over to approving project? True or False?