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The central nervous system is made up of __________ and __________
The Brain
The Spinal Cord
What is the spinal cord's two main jobs?
1. Takes the sensory information from the peripheral nervous system to the brain
2. Takes motor information from the brain to the effectors
Required for responding to your surroundings.
Name four effectors the motor information is carried to.
1. Cardiac muscle
2. Skeletal muscle
3. Smooth muscle
4. Glands
An example of one of the effectors responding to the motor information is your reflex.
The brain gets input from what two parts of the central nervous system?
1. The spinal cord
2. Nerves
Think about the name of the system
What does white matter consist of?
Bundles of axons coated with a sheet of myelin
What protein is white and what does it coat in the brain?
What does gray matter consist of?
Masses of cell bodies and dendrites
How does messages travel throught the body?
What is the meninges?
Meninges are three continuous sheets of connective tissue covering both the brain and the spinal cord
What part of the nervous system does the vaccine you got over the summer effect?
Name the three meninges.
1. Dura matter
2. Pia matter
3. Arachnoid
One of them sounds like an insect
The cells of the central nervous system are bathed in a fluid called ___________.
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
Part of one of the major parts of the CNS + part of the other + liquid = answer
What secretes the CSF?
Choroid plexus
This leads to the cerebrospinal canal
How many pairs of spinal nerves arise along the spinal cord?
Prime and odd number
These are "________" nerves because each contain both sensory and motor axons.
Keyword in the question: BOTH
All the sensory axons pass into the ___________ where their cell bodies are located and then on into the spinal cord itself.
Dorsal root ganglion
What side of the body is the spinal cord?
All the motor axons pass into the ____________ before uniting with the sensory axons to form the mixed nerves
Ventral roots
This part leads from the belly side of the body to the spinal cord.
The ___________ carry impulses to and from receptors and effectors.
What carries information by CROSSING OVER spinal tracts
Impulses reaching the spinal cord from the ______ side of the body eventually pass over to tracts running up to the right side of the brain
Keywords: PASS OVER
The brain receives nerve impulses from how many pairs of cranial nerves?
Keywords: PAIRS
What are the three main structures of the hindbrain?
1. Medulla Oblangata
2. Pons
3. Cerebellum
Modern Computers
What does the Medulla Oblangata control?
Involuntary actions
You're doing it right now.
What do the Pons do?
Carries signals from various parts of the cerebral cortex to the cerebellum.
It's the UPS of the brain.
What is the cerebellum's main function?
To coordinate body movements
The motions of people with damage to their cerebellum are jerky and graceless.
What two structures is the human forebrain made up of?
1. The telencephalon
2. The diencephalon
These two structures use the art of FALCONRY
What are the three main parts of the Diencephalon?
2. Lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN)
3. Hypothalamus
The two twins and the brains of the family map cel buisness.
What are the four cerebral hemispheres?
1. Frontal
2. Occipital
3. Parietal
4. Temporal
FRank the OX can apPARently be TEMPERable
What are CT scans?
X-rays of the brain from various angles
They're used to find damage in the brain by comparing it to CT scans of normal brains.
What are MRI scans?
Imaging technique using powerful magnets to detect magnetic molecules in the body
What does MRI stand for?
What are MEGs?
Imaging technique that detects the tiny magnetic fields created as individual neurons "fire" within the brain.
What does MEG stand for?