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All plants have one major thing in common...what is that thing?
They are all autotrophs (they can make their own food)
Where do endospores form?
In harsh conditions (very cold or very hot weather)
Viruses need _________ to multiply.
energy from a living thing
What is one characteristic of plantlike algae?
They are autotrophic
Why are red tides dangerous to humans?
They create toxins and if humans were to be exposed to that (either by eating the organisms exposed to it or by swallowing the water) we can get very sick.
Is fungus autotrophic or heterotrophic?
What do the chemicals in hyphae do?
they ooze from the hyphae and break down the food
When fungus eats dead or decaying organisms... what are they helping the earth to do?
they return the nutrience back to the soil
What does yeast need to make food?
How are no-vascular plants and vascular plants different?
they transport water and neutrience differently
What are the three types of nonvascular plants?
What is the rhizoids main function?
to keep the plant in the ground and obsorbe nutrience (it acts as roots in nonvascular plants)
What factor did not play a role in creating tidaus coal deposites?
100 year time span
What is a frond?
leaves on a fern
Why do ferns need to live in a moist enviorment?
So the sperm can swim to the egg.