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What is oxygen?
colorless tasteless odorless gas the most living things use to turn food into energy.
What is an organism?
A living animal, people or plants
What is a cell?
Basic unit of living things
What is a protist?
algae and fungus
What is tissue?
Cells that work together in a group to carry out a certain job
*Blood cells
What is an organ?
A group of tissues that work together doing certain jobs

What is a system?
group of objects or units combined to form a whole and to move or work together
What is an organ system?
a group of bodily organs that together carry on one or more vital functions <the digestive system
What are the Five basic life functions?
1. grow and develope
2. eating or making food
4.responds to enviroment
5. gets rid of waste
Compare and Contrast Plant and Animal Cells
differences- covering- plants thick animal thin, Color-plants green, Shape-plants have box shape animals vary Thay are alike because they are both small and filled with jelly like substance and both have outer coverings