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What is cell membrane?
Animal cell is like the cell wall. With the plant cell did not have a cell wall is the outside. cell membrane forms a barriar between the cytoplasm and the environment outside the cell.
What is Ribosomes?
The small structures that produce proteins.May be attached to the outer surfaces of the E.R, or float free in the cytoplam
What is Chloroplasts?
These organelles capture energy from sunlight and used produce food for the cell.
What is a vacuole?
animal cells store food, water, waste, and other materials.
What is Nuclear Membrane?
protects the nucleus. Materials pass in and out of the nucleous through small openings, or pores, in the nuclear membrane.
What is Cell Wall?
a plant cell a stiff wall surrounds the cell membrane, giving the cell a rigid boxlike shape.
What is Nucleous?
is were the rimbosomes are made.
What is organelles?
tiny cell structure, carry out specific functions
What is Golgi body?
recive materials through the E.R and send them to other parts. "mail post"
What is Nucleus?
The nucleus directs all of the cell`s activities, including reproduction.
What is the Lysosomes?
small organells found in only the animal cell contains chemicals that break down food particles and worn-out cell parts.
What is Cytoplasm?
between the cell membrane and nucleus. Gel like fluid and many different organisms are found.
What is Cell membrane?
protects the cell and regulates what substances enter and leave the cell.
What is E.R?
the network of passageways carries materials from one part of the cell to the another.
What is Mitochondria?
Gives energy, within these rod-shaped organelles
The plant vacuole
sac within cytoplasm stores water, food, waste products, and other materials.