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What is VNTR?
sequences of DNA that everyone has them but varying number of times
The flow of the buffer is ________ through the column.
how can you sort the rabbit serum?
affinity chromatography
What happens when you have something that is rod shaped?
It spins so acts like sphere so small proteins that are rod shaped can behave like their are large
What sometimes happens when you have a neutral molecule?
have a positive side and a negative side and one side may bind
What is SDS page?
binds to proteins and gives them the same ratio
What runs faster during electrophoresis?
smaller molecules
What is the objective?
what does the condenser annulus look like?
black ring with black dot in the middle
How does phase microscopy work?
turns phase objects into amplitude objects
When do you have dimmer light?
With lower amplitude
What do phase objects cause?
Shifts so changes phase, but not amplitude
What is defraction?
spreading of light
What is refraction?
bending of light
What does a smaller R mean?
greater resolution
What does eye detect?
color and relative brightness
What is special about TMV?
each is exact same length because all coat same RNA
What does chromatography do?
deperates DNA and protein based on size
What is a di-deoxynucleotides?
missing o, so can't let chain elongate