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Cell Transport
The movement of substances across the cell membrane
Active Transport
-Requires ATP
-Goes against concentration gradient
ion pump/bulk transport
Concentration Gradient
Areas of high or low amounts of a substance
Ion pump
-the way substances move in/out of cell
-"revolving door"
Hypertonic Situation
Hyper- too much
water moves out of cell
Passive Transport
-Requires no energy(ATP)
-Goes with the concentration gradient
Isotonic Situation
-Water moves in and out of the cell equally
-Resultsin no change
-Also called "Dynamic Equilibrium"
Hypotonic Situation
Hypo- too little
water moves into the cell
Simple Diffusion
Movement of molecules from a high concentration to a low concentration or with the concentration gradient.
Bulk Transport
Getting large molecules through the cell membrane
Solid: protein and starch
Liquid: oil
A type of diffusion where water moves from a high concentration to a low concentration across a cell