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What type of bacteria is rod - shaped?
(Compare Prokaryote and eukaryote)Nucleus
Eukaryote: A membrane bound organelle containing the cell's genetic information.
Prokaryote: NO
(Compare Prokaryote and eukaryote)Metabolism
Prokaryote: enjoy a diversary of metabolic
Eukaryote: depends on oxygen
(Compare Prokaryote and eukaryote)ribosomes
Prokaryote = 70s ribosome, 50 large subunit, small 30s subunit
Eukaryote = 80s ribosome, large 60s subunit, 40s subunit
(Compare Prokaryote and eukaryote)plasma Membrane
Eukaryote: phosolipids bilayer and choelsterol with integral and peipheral
Prokaryote: Circular DNA Chormosome > binary Fusion.
(Compare Prokaryote and eukaryote)Cell Wall
Prokaryote: Peptidoglycan; Gram +/-
Eurkaryote: Composed mainly of celluose