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What are the building blocks from which all living things are made?
What is the largest none living cell know to men?
a birds egg (ostrich)
Name a small cell that that can hardly be seen on a ordinary light microscope
bacteria in humans
The term organell is used to describe what?
structures inside a cell
What is the fuction of a cell membrane?
it controls substances that enter and leaves the cell
what is the function of a cytoplasm?
it serves as a fluid container for cell organell and other cell substances.It also assists with the transportation of substances within the cell.
What is the function of the nucleus?
controls all cell activities,it also contains heriditary information
What is the function of the nucleolus?
it provides cell nucleic acid
What is the function of the encloplasmic recticulum?
this serves as a transport network and a storage area for substances.
What is the function of the lysosome?
digest or breakdown food materials.It also removes waste from the cell.
What is the function of the mitochondria?
this serves as the power house as the cell produces energy for all cell activities.
What is the function of the vacuole?
this surports the cell walls of the plant cell,digest food materials and remove waste.
What is the function of the micro filament?
this assist in cell movement (eg. the tail of the sperm cell.)
What is the function of the chloroplast?
this is were photosynthesis takes place.