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electron transport chain
3rd, final phase of cell respiration occurs on the christae of the mitochondria, releases the majority of the energy from food particles and requires oxygen
electron transport chain (diagram)
nadh--------->co-enzyme q-----> cytochromes----->------>32 ATP

o2---> h20
coenzyme q and cytochromes
a vitamin and a series of pigments that transfer electrons during the final phase of cell respiration allowing energy to be built to create the 32 atp's
a series of metabolic reactions that take place after glycolosis if oxygen is not present
*lactic acid
produced by muscle cells as fatigue sets in causing muscles to cramp up
produced by yeast and some bacteria-can be added to dough making it rise during baking
a type of alcohol produced by bacteria used in making beer or wine or as a fuel additive
a series of metabolic reactions that take place in plant cells allowing them to capture solar energy
photosynthesis is used to convert ___ into ___ which is then used in ______
carbon dioxide; glucose; cell respiration
stroma is a ___ surrounding the ___ containing the ___ required to convert ___ into ___
double layered ___ structure that allows some ___ to pass through and be captured by the ___ the ___ contains
outer membrane-transparent-light-pigments-chlooplast
individual ?-shaped membranes that contain ? needed to capture ? and let > take place
a stack of thylakoids