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What is a chromosome?
A visible carrier of genetic information
What is aster?
A star like object visible in most dividing eukaryotic cells containing a microtubule center
What is the cell cycle?
The timed sequence of events occurring in cell division
What is a somatic cell?
Any cell in the body that does not include sex cells
What is gametogenesis?
The development of gametes, which are sperm and eggs
What is a tumor?
A solid mass of abnormal cells that are involved in the spread of cancer
What are the two types of cancer?
Benign and Malignant. Benign is the better type, Malignant is bad type
What is metastasis?
The spread of cancer cells to the other parts of the body
What is a haploid cell?
A cell with 1/2 the genetic information that a diploid cell has. A haploid cell is a sex cell (sperm/pollen and eggs)
What is cytokinesis?
The last phase of mitosis where the cytoplasm divides