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Function of the Cell Wall
Provides structure and support for the cell.
Function of the Cell Membrane
Regulates what goes in and out of the cell.
Function of the Nucleus
Controls all life functions of the cell.
Function of the Nuclear Membrane
Regulates what goes in and out of the nucleus.
Function of the Nucleolus
Makes RNA which directs protein synthesis.
Function of Endoplasmic Reticulum
A series of tubes or canals to transport materials within the cell.
Function of Cytoplasm
The liquid found inside the cell. Chemical reactions take place here.
Function of Protoplasm
All liquid and cell parts found inside the celmembrane.
Function of Ribosome
Proteins are made here.
Function of Mitochondrion
Resperation takes place here, the "power house"of the cell.
Function of the Vacuole
The 3 types store either food,water, or waste.
Function of Lysosome
A sac surrounded by a membrane which contains digestive enzymes.
Function of Chloroplast
Photosynthesis takes place here. Contains chlorophyll which converts light energy to chemical energy.
All living things are made of.........
What scientist came up with the name Cells after looking at cork.
Robert Hooke