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which of the following can be only viewed by electron microscopy
the limit of resolution can be best defined as
the distance that two objects must be apart in order to be distinguished as separate objects
which of the following is true of a nanometer
a nanometer is also called a millimicron
which of the following is closest to a micrometer in size
a typical bacterial cell
hereditary factors is an old name for
the ____ model of DNA structure was proposed by ____
double helix; watson and crick
which of the following biological polymers is mismatched with its monomer
cellulose - amino acid
the hierarchical nature of cellular structure from small to large is
nucleotide, DNA, chromosome, nucleus, cell
which of the following is not a structural polysaccharide
which of the following is not true of poysaccharide
sphingolipids are the predominant phospholipids in membranes
cellulose belongs to which of the following groups of macromolecules
hydrogen bonding is most important in stablizing the _____ structure
which of the following is not true of amino acids
all amino acids exist in two stereoisomeric forms