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what are the three types of effector T cells and what do they do?
CD8 are cytotoxic T cells that lyse virus infected cells. CD4 TH1 cells activate macs to phagocytoze and kill bacs. CD4 TH2 cells activate B cells.
T cells can only see antigens that are what?
complexed with another cell's MHC
what are the professional antigen presenting cells?
dendritic cells, macs, and B cells
MHC I's are found on which cells? MHC II cells are found on what cells?
all nucleated cells. APC's including thymic epi
what kinds of antigens are present on MHC I?
endogenous antigen (eg from virus infection).
what kind of antigen is present on MHC II?
exogenous antigen processed through endosomes and from extracellular sources
where do lymphocytes move from circulation intpo the lymph node?
the post capillary venules AKA high endothelial venules
what are the two signals required for T cell activation?
epitope specefic: MHC + antigen/TCR
Co stimulatory signal: B7/CD28
what is the key cytokine for T cell proliferation?
what cytokine is needed to tell the differentiating T cell to become a TH2 cell? TH1?
IL4. IFNgamma