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consists of G1, S, and G2 phase
G1 phase
a period of intense growth
S phase
replication of DNA
G2 phase
phase when the cell continues to grow and complete preparations for cell division
the longest phase of mitosis
shortest phase of mitosis
when cells stop dividing they enter a stage called the
G0 phase
anchorage dependence
to divide, an animal cell must be attatched or anchored to some surface
when cancer cells are able to migrate to other regions of the body
why is synapsis important
1) ensures that each daughter cell will receive one homologue from each parent
2) makes crossing over possible
when each chromosome pairs up precisely with its homologue
structure formed from synapsis
crossing over
homologous chromatids exchange genetic material
the visible "X" formed from the crossing over of homologues
the longest phase of prophase
meiosis 1
independent assortment of chromosomes
during meiosis, homologous pairs of chromosomes separate depending on the random way in which they line up on the metaphase plate during meiosis 1
recombinant chromosomes
combine genes inherited from both parents
crossing over produces
recombinant chromosomes
cell cycle control system
regulates the rate at which cells divide
the restriction point
-why is it so important
G1 checkpoint
-most important one in mammals because if it receives the go-ahead, the cell will most likely complete cell division
timing of cell division is controlled by 2 kinds of molecules
cyclins and cyclin dependent kinases