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What are single and double bonds in a covalent bond?
In a single bond: one e- from each atom is shared. In a double bond:a total of 4 e- are shared.
What is resonance?
It is created when double bonds are on alternating carbon atoms. The bonding e-s move w/in the molecule and stabalize the structure and thus cause resonance.
Can hydrocarbons form hydrogen bonds?
No because they are nonpolar and thus are not soluble in water.
How are esters formed?
Combine acid & alcohol
what makes an acid anhydride?
phosphate& carboxyl group or 2/more phosphate groups
How do amines become positively charged?
They combine with a hydrogen ion in water
What are amides?
an acid & an amine. they are uncharged in water
How are H bonds formed?
when two adjacent water molecules are linked. happens because they are polar
What are acids?
They release H ions into solutio n.
How is the acidity of a solution determined?
BY the [ ] of H ions that it possesses.
What are bases?
They reduce the number of H ions in solution.