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What does CD ROM stand for?
Compact Disc Read Only Memory
Is the CD Audio format considered appropriate for storing data?
no, because it lacks error checking
What is the ISO-9660 format also called?
High Sierra(Although technically HS is an earlier standard) or CD-ROM
Are there other formats besides CD Audio and CD-ROM?
Yes. Many are supported but are hardly ever used.
True or false: Kodak's Photo-CD is a different format than CD-ROM.
True. You may see it sometimes.
How fast did the first CD-ROMs process data?
What did WORM stand for? (An early CD burning technology)
Write Once Read Many
What does CD-R mean?
CD Recordable
Are CD-R drives common in new systems?
Are CD-R disks still common?
What are the two standard data amounts for CD-R disks?
650 MB and 700 MB
How long can you listen to a 700MB CD-R?
80 minutes
How long can you listen to a 650MB CD-R?
74 minutes
Do CD-R's usually have a silver bottom side just like CD-ROMs?
no, they are usually brightly colored.
When recording on a CD-R disk, is the burn laser less powerful than the read laser?
no, it is more powerful.