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What is the major cause of most serious skids?
Driving too fast for road conditions.
What is the only way to stop a front wheel skid?
Let the vehicle slow down. Stop turning and stop braking so hard.
If you think that a tire has blown out what should you do in stopping?
Hold steering wheel firmly and dont touch brakes until vehicle has slowed.
What should you do when using a fire extiguisher to fight a fire?
Aim at the base of the fire.
As a driver for what are you responsible regarding your cargo?
You are responsible for inspecting your cargo and knowing that is securely tied down or covered.
How often should cargo inspections be made?
After every break during driving.
What is important about the center of gravity of a load?
A high center of gravity means you are more likely to tip over.
What can happen if you do not have enough weight on the steering axle?
This can make the vehicle hard to steer.
What is the maximum distance between tiedowns to prevent cargo shifting?
To prevent cargo shifting tie down every 10 feet.
What is the minimum number of tiedowns you should have?
You should have at least two tiedowns.
What is the purpose of cargo blocking and bracing?
To keep cargo from sliding and falling and getting out of balance.
Must you show your log book to officers?
How do you test hydrolic brakes for a leak with the vehicle stopped?
Pump brake pedal three times- apply firm pressure hold for five seconds.
how do you test hydrolic brakes for their stopping action?
Go about five miles per hour then push brake pedal firmly.
What is the minimum amount of tread depth that your tires should have?
Four-thirty seconds inch on front wheels, and two-thirty seconds on others.