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What outlines the work center description and approved variances for the IM flights in PEACETIME?
Air Force Manpower Standard
What is the support flight (SCX) responsible for within the communcations squadron?
Provides visual information services and publishing services
What is the plans flight (SCX) responsible for within the communications squadron?
Manages activities relating to begeting and billing
What function is associated with the plans and program IM core competency?
Communication and information managers awards
What function is associated with the records management IM core competencys?
Software/hardware installation and configuration
What term best describes the ability for Web-based content creation and publishing?
Content Manager
What term best describes a collaborative environment to create, manage, and track form based information to automate common business processes?
Information Management Tool
Who is the final authority to waive career field education training plan requirements?
Air Force Career Field Manager
Who serves as a voting represenative during the utilization and training workshop?
MAJCOM functionalk manager
Who identifies qualified subject matter experts to help with the development of specialty knowledge test?
MAJCOM functional manager
What document identifies all DAY-TO-DAY mission requirements,core task, and additrional duties performed by work center personnel?
Master Task List
What does a certifier use to identify all duty positions requirements, including those core task associated with the current duty position?
Master Training List