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The compressor bleed air supplied by small gas turbine engines is not used for

a. pressurizing the aircraft
b. starting the main engines
c. the aircraft air conditioning system
d. heating the fuel supplied to the engines
on c-130 aircraft that incorporates the GTC, where is the AC generator located?

a. right wheel well
b. air turbine motor
c. GTC accessory gearbox
d. GTC compressor section
After combustion, the resulting hot gases flow through the bottom of the APU combustion can and into the

a. deswirl ring
b. turbine torus
c. exhaust flange
d. turbine plenum
Which switch within the multiple centrifugal switch assembly opens a circuit to stop the ignition unit?

a. 35%
b. 65%
c. 95%
d. 110%
Where is the APU tachometer generator mounted?

a. accessory gearbox
b. centrifugal switch
c. fuel pump
d. oil pump
Which APU component calibrates the EGT indicator to the thermocouple?

a. thermocouple resistor
b. pneumatic thermostat
c. EGT thermocouple
d. EGT power supply
The purpose of the APU sequencing oil pressure switch is to

a. ensure positive oil pressure is maintaned when the oil filter becomes clogged
b. keep the APU intake door from closing while the unit is still turning
c. ensure enough air and oil is supplied to the engine before light off
d. deenergize the start relay if oil pressure is lost
During APU acceleration, the acceleration control valve compares which two inputs to schedule the proper fuel flow to the atomizer?

a. After the APU has accelerated above 95% rpm, engine speed control is taken over by which APU component?

a. governor
b. fuel pump
c. acceleration control
d. pneumatic thermostat
as oil pressure increases to approximately 2-3 psi during APU operations, which component completes circuits to the fuel shutoff valve and the ignition unit?

a. ASR
b. sequencing oil pressure switch
c. 35% switch in the multiple centrifugal switch assembly
d. 95% switch in the multiple centrifugal switch assembly
if the engine starts to overspeed and the governor in the fuel control and pump assembly has not metered fuel sufficiently to reduce the speed during APU operation, the 110% switch in the multiple centrifugal switch assembly will open the circuit to the

a. FHR
b. fuel shutoff solenoid valve
c. sequencing oil pressure switch
d. compressor discharge solenoid valve
Which t700 engine section module receives the air for the engine operation and separates foreign particles from the air using an IPS?

a. hot
b. cold
c. accessory
d. power turbine
Which sumps are used for the emergency oil system on the t700 engine?

a. A and B
b. A and C
c. B and C
d. A, B, and C
when the oil cooler becomes clogged on a t700 engine, oil goes directly to the

a. oil tank
b. accessory gearbox
c. inlet of the scavenge pump
d. inlet of the pressure pump
how many oil scavenge screens are located on the t700 accessory gearbox?

a. 4
b. 6
c. 8
d. 10
the oil pump installed on the t700 engine is a

a. 7 element georotor type
b. 9 element georotor type
c. 7 element centrifugal type
d. 9 element centrifugal type
the t700 engine oil filter bypass sensor switch is located

a. inside the oil filter housing
b. inside the oil cooler bypass valve
c. on the aft side of the accessory gearbox
d. on the forward side of the accessory gearbox
during a cold engine start of a t700 engine, the cold oil relief valve opens and directs excess oil to the

a. oil tank
b. oil pump inlet
c. accessory gearbox
d. scavenge pump inlet
the t700 engine engine oil tank is located

a. externally on the main frame
b. internally in the main frame
c. externally on the swirl frame
d. internally in the swirl frame
the ignition system on the t700 engine is a/an

a. AC powered, capacitor discharge type
b. DC powered, capacitor discharge type
c. AC powered resistance type
d. DC powered resistance type
the t700 engine HMU does not have

a. a fuel metering system
b. a fuel pumping system
c. a fuel discharging system
d. a variable geometry position system
what t700 engine component stops fuel flow after sensing an overspeed condition?

a. ODV
b. DEC
c. HMU
d. LDS
how many indicators does the t700 engine history counter contain?

a. 8
b. 6
c. 4
d. 2
during t700 engine operation, the history counter hour indicator stops when Ng drops below

a. 100%
b. 90%
c. 60%
d. 55%
the thermocouple harness on the t700 engine is a

a. 2 piece assembly with 7, single immersion probes
b. 2 pieces assembly with 7, double immersion probes
c. one piece assembly with 7, single immersion probes
d. one piece assembly with 7, double immersion probes
how many actuating rings are in the compressor variable geometry system of the t700 engine?

a. 5
b. 4
c. 3
d. 2
at maximum power, the variable stators on the t700 are actuated to the

a. maximum closed position
b. maximum open position
c. partially closed position
d. partially open position
the HMU actuating system on the t700 engine opens the SBV when Ng goes below

a. 52%
b. 67%
c. 72%
d. 87%
the scroll vanes of the t700 engine are anti iced by

a. hot scavenge oil
b. 5th stage bleed air
c. 7th stage bleed air
d. electrical heating elements
how many systems comprise the t700 engine control system?

a. 4
b. 3
c. 2
d. 1
what position of the power control lever on the h-60 helicopter provides manual control over gas generator speed?

a. FLY
on the t700 engine, how is control system operation split between the HMU and the DEC unit?

a. electronically
b. mechanically
c. functionally
d. separately
what does advancing the PAS to 26 degrees do during t700 engine start?

a. opens the fuel stopcock
b. activates the ignition unit
c. meters the fuel flow for starting
d. opens the variable guide vanes to unload the gas generator
on the H-60 helicopter, autorotation is achieved by fully

a. lowering collective pitch during climb
b. lowering collective pitch during descent
c. increasing collective pitch during climb
d. increasing collective pitch during descent
after how many flight hours must the periodic inspection be performed on a t700 engine?

a. 900
b. 700
c. 500
d. 300
what borescope port is used to inspect the combustion section on t700 engines?

a. main frame
b. exhaust grame
c. fuel injector
d. igniter
which aircraft/engine indication is not required for calculating the t700 engine performance?

a. Wf
b. PA
c. FAT
d. TGT
the H-60 APU is rated at

a. 60hp
b. 90hp
c. 120hp
d. 150hp
What component in the turbine section on an h-60 APU increases the velocity of the hot gas flow and directs the flow to the blades of the turbine wheel?

a. turbine nozzle
b. defuser nozzle
c. turbine jet port
d. defuser jet port
fuel under pressure for h-60 APU operation at high altitudes is supplied by the

a. high flow pump
b. prime/boost pump
c. flow/section pump
d. centrifugal feed pump
if an H-60 APU fails to light off, you can manually recharge the hydraulic accumulators using

a. a hand pump
b. a wobble pump
c. an electric pump
d. a crank-type pump
the H-60 APU control switch receives electrical power from the

a. AC primary bus
b. DC primary bus
c. DC secondary bus
d. battery bus
which pump must remain running for all H-60 APU start operations?

a. no. 1 fuel
b. no. 2 fuel
c. prime boost
d. backup fuel
if the engines and rotors on an H-60 are not running, you can operate the APU continuously up to

a. 21C
b. 37C
c. 51C
d. 87C
on the h-60, which aircraft fire extinguisher is wired directly to the aircraft battery?

a. reserve
b. no. 2
c. no. 1
d. main
on an h-60, the ESU takes a reading of the major parameters of the apu

a. every 50 milliseconds
b. every milisecond
c. every second
d. every minute
On the t64 engine, approximately how much of the power created by the combustion process is used to drive the power turbine rotor?

a. 1/4
b. 1/3
c. 1/2
d. 2/3
T64 power turbine RPM are indicated on two triple tachometers as

a. inch-pounds of torque
b. foot-pounds of torque
c. percent of torque
d. pounds of torque
a secondary purpose of the T64 engine compressor is to provide bleed air for

a. heating
b. anti icint
c. operating the air refueling probe
d. operating the IGV actuators
which component of the NGB oil system senses when the NGB oil is too hot for normal operation?

a. plug stat
b. temperature bulb
c. oil pressure switch
d. thermostatic regulating valve
in addition to P3, what other signal does the T64 engine fuel control receive?

a. engine accessory gearbox temp
b. compressor inlet temp
c. turbine inlet temp
d. fuel pump pressure
during T64 engine shutdown, fuel is drained overboard from the fuel manifolds by the

a. combustion chamber drains
b. fuel flow divider
c. fuel control
d. fuel nozzles
on the t64 engine, oil is transferred from the auxilary oil tank to the main oil tank by

a. an electrically driven pump
b. engine bleed air pressure
c. a hand wobble pump
d. gravity flow
on the t64 engine, the turbine is disengaged from the start motor by

a. hydraulic pressure dropping below a set amount
b. an overrunning clutch
c. a speed switch
d. a start solenoid
what stage bleed air is used for anti icing the front frame and inlet guide vanes on the T64 engine?

a. 3rd
b. 5th
c. 10th
d. 14th
how much engine power is lost when the T64 engine anti icing system is on?

a. 3% at max power
b. 6% at max power
c. 9% at max power
d. 12% at max power
how far do you service the aux oil tank?

a. one half inch from the filler neck
b. one inch from the filler neck
c. FULL line on the sight gauge
d. FULL mark on the dipstick
with the speed control lever held in SHUTOFF during engine speed control rigging, you adjust the speed control cable tension at the

a. cable tensioner
b. lever set screw
c. cable turnbuckle
d. quadrant cable adjuster
before performing a collective speed control rigging check and adjustment, you must disconnect the

a. P3 line to the fuel control
b. rod ends from the stude on the collective bias input lever
c. fuel line between pump and fuel control
d. fuel line to inlet variable guide vanes
to prevent an engine hot start, the starter must be able to motor the engine to at least

a. 10% "free wheeling" Nf
b. 24% Nf
c. 10% Ng
d. 24% Ng
During an engine start check on the T64 engine, when should you advance the throttle to GRN IDLE?

a. at 10% Ng
b. at 20% Ng
c. before 10% Ng
d. before 20% Ng
If you turn on the anti ive valve during an anti ice check, you should see a rise in

a. torque
b. fuel flow
c. inlet temperature
d. T5
what check is performed with a helicpoter gross weight of 33,000 pounds or above, rotor in flat pitch with the Nr set at 100%, and the engine torques matched?

a. collective bias
c. MILITARY trim
d. minimum governing
when troubleshooting the T64 engine, what is the frequency signal generator used for?

a. continuity checks
b. test the torque sensor
c. test the overspeed switch
d. test the IGV feedback signal
the H-53 APP receives its operating fuel from the

a. auxilary fuel tank
b. left main fuel tank
c. right main fuel tank
d. left and right main fuel tanks
during an H-53 APP engine start, the turbine is disengaged from the starter motor by the

a. overrunning clutch
b. voltage sense relay
c. starter cutout switch
d. turbine ignition sensor
before the H-53 APP reaches 92% speed, what is the only automatic shutdown protection available?

a. overspeed
b. low oil pressure
c. bypassed fuel pressure
d. high exhaust temperature