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What is a grouping of positions that require common qualifications called?
Air Force Specialty (AFS)
Which AFSC identifies where an individual is best qualified to work?
Which type of AFSC is a management tool that controls individual airman assignments and ensures equitable distribution of airman by grade and skill against manning documents requirements?
Which of these shows specialized skill other than the basic AFS qualifications.?
Which of these is the AFSC for an air transportation career field?
What is the fourth position number of an AFSC that shows an apprentice level worker?
Which ways in the career program are beneficial to the Air Force and airmen except?
Cross Training.
Which subdivision of the transportation career field arranges and procures transportation services for moving DOD personnel?
Traffic Management.
Which subdivision of the transportation career field selects and assembles aircraft loads?
Air Transportation.
Which is the reporting AFSC for a person assigned to the air transportation career field?
What AFSC is assigned to you when you complete this CDC and OJT oulined in the Career Field Education and Training Plan?
What is the AFSC of an air transportation craftsman?
What type of training is usually considered informal training?
What type of formal training is the Air Transportation Craftsman Course considered?
What is used on training standards to specify the level of training required on a given task?
Proficiency codes.
Which category of the proficiency code key is represented with uppercase letters?
Subject knowledge.
What does a trainee need to budget to complete assigned training tasks?
On-duty and off-duty time.
Who can a trainee seek assistance from if they are having difficulty?
All of the above. (SPRVR,TRNR, UTM)
After completing the inventory, what does the trainee do with the CDC?
Makes corrections.
Which command is a global, unified command?
US Transportation Command
Which command is not a part of USTRANSCOM?
Air Force Material Command (AFMC)
What command provides common-user airlift, sealift, terminal services, and US commercial air and land transportation to deploy, employ and sustain US forces on a global basis?
United States Transportion command.
A station that serves as an authorized port to process and clear aircraft and traffic for departure from the country is called an
Aerial port of embarkation (APOE)
The passenger service section is not responsible for
delivery of in-flight meals to aircraft.
Who designates the aerial ports?
USAF Chief of Staff.
What command consolidates all Air Force long-range airlift requirements and submits them to AMC?
How many days before the operating month can short-range requirements be changed?
How many monthly schedules does AMC publish for the Atlantic and Pacific regions?
Which time is used universally in communications to provide a standard for scheduling, navigating, and recording events of a worldwide basis?
Greenwich mean time.
What does a basic mission number ending with and odd number tell you about that mission?
Outbound from home station.