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The Air Force military personnel classification system groups related work requirements on similarity of functions and requirements are _____?
personal desires
Which position of an AFSC denotes the career field subdivision for the Personnel Journeyman?
Third position - 0
How does a "capper" AFSC differ from other AFSCs?
Fifth position of a capper AFSC will always be a "0"
When classifying a member into a specific AFSC,______ is not considered.
assignment volunteer status
In addition to upgrade training, how is knowledge requirements for award of a skill-level accomplished?
______is not a factor taken in consideration when determining officer and Airmen primary AFSC?
Civic and fraternal membership
A member serving in the grade of MSgt will normally not be used outside a CAFSC during any 12-month period?
not to exceed 130 days without approval from the MPF CC.
______ the AF use to provide AFSC revisions and conversion instructions to MPFs.
AFI 36-2101, Classifying Military Personnel (Officer and Enlisted)
When conversion actions are not accomplished by the conversion effective date, MPFs are authorized to award AFSCs based on conversion instructions for how many days after the effective date?
_____ is a reason an AFSC downgrade be appropriate?
reduction in grade
RIs are important to the personnel employment element because they identify_____
positions, personnel, or both not otherwise identifiable in the military classification system.
What type of duty does RI 9T000 indicate?
An airman in basic military training.
How are SDI designated in the individual's personnel records?
Awarded specialties
SDIs identify manpower positions and individuals performing duties_______
unrelated to any specific career field.
What action agency periodically reviews SEIs to determine validity and usefulness?
Air Force Personnel Center
In concert with manpower management officials, who reviews manpower authorizations to dtermine if positions are coded with the appropriate SEI or if one is required?
AFSC funtional managers
_____is the retraining advisory located?
When can Airmen on the CJR waiting list apply for CAREERS retrainin?
no later than 120 days before the date of separation
_____ is a disqualification factor for retraining.
Not recommended for upgrade training
Within how may days of receiving a completed retraining application, must the personnel employment element process the application?
5 working days
When retraining applications submitted using supplemental messages?
when no special processing is required