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What three parts of the workcenter mission are defined during the analysis phase?
Purpose, Products and Customers
Which provides the best information for indentifying workcenter task?
Several Sources
Which Publication describes the duties and responsibilities of all AFSC's in the AF?
AFMAN 36-2108, Airman Classification
Which (SME) qualification is desirable but not completely necessary?
Familiarity with the training systems being used
When preparing for a (SME) interview the 1st step is to review
The mission statement
The Pubs that contain information about organizations and their missions are the
Air Force Mission Directives (AFMD)
When Researching for a SME interview, the tasks that are the easiest to identify are the
Normal day to day requirements
In researching for a SME interview, which directive helps determine the mandatory requirements for a career field?
AFMAN 36-2108, Airman Classification
Which document identifies personnel information in manpower positions?
Unit Personnel Manpower Roster
In researching for a subject matter expert interview, which form determines the duties required for civilian personnel?
AF Form 1378, Civilain Personnel Position Description
Questions developed for a SME interview should be
Specific and pertinent to the subject
When conducting an interview, communicate on a level which
Promotes mutual respect
When asking questions in an interview, speak
distinctly and clearly
After asking a question in an interview
listen to the reply
What are the three sections of a questionaire?
Instructions, background, and questions
Once you write the instructions for a questionaire, what is the next step?
Have someone else read them and provide input
When used on a questionaire, closed-ended question
limits the choice of possible responses
Replies to what type of questions on a reseach questionaire provides data not included in your research
Which training standard is perpared by Air Force specialty career field managers and describes a particular duty position
Air Force Job Qualification Standard
When completeing a local training standard, what is an observable and measurable unit of work called
In reviewing tasks for a training standard, when the results of an action on a persons part can bee seen, the task is said to be
When documenting the tasks on an AF Form 797, Job Qualification Standard Continuation sheet, the tasks and subtasks are both indicated by
consecutive numbers
When determining training capability, at what level is the first attempt to resolve a lack of training capability made?
Work center level
Which indicates a lack of training capability within a workcenter?
Nonavailability of an individual that is capable of administering training
When a question of training capability arises, what base-level tool is available to determine if there are any local personnel who have retrained out of the AFSC in question?
Personnel Data System
When the lack of training capability has to be resolved at MAJCOM level, in which training status code is the trainee placed?
Who can authorize automation of an Enlisted Specialty Training Standard?
Air Force career field manager
When conducting an intial evaluation on a recent techincal school graduate, the evaluation is based on the tasks listed on the
When conducting an initial evaluation on a reassigned personnel,
Match the individuals qualifications to the workcenter requirements
All tasks on which a reassigned individual needs training are called
individual training requirements
Which method do you use to sequence tasks in the order in which thay are accomplished?
Job performance order
Which type of training is a one on one method?
Which phase of the demonstration-performance method of training can be combined with the demonstration phase in order to avoid repetition?
Explanation phase
The first task in conducting a task breakdown is research, which consist of
yourself, books and other experts.
Long-term objectives are most often comprised of two or more short-term goals called
task objectives
Which element of an objective tells a trainee the level of performance that must be met?
What are the two types of test items that you can use to make up a test?
Selection - or supply type items
The least efficient form of test question for measuring simple knowledge is the
When a test measures what it is suppose to measure then it is said to be
If a test shows who does know and who does not know the material, then the test is said to be
A performance test is based directly on
what the trainee is required to perform
The reference or material used by the trainee during the performance test are those used by the trainee while
learning the objective
When developing a checklist for a performance test include those items required for
complete performance
Which common rating error occurs when an evaluator sets how well the task is done according to his or her own ability to perform the task, which results in a high passing point?
Which common rating error occurs when the outcome of an evaluation is based upon the impressions of the trainee being rated?
When developing lesson plans after you complete the task breakdown, which elements becomes the major teaching steps?
A task breakdown indicates that a trainee has used a screwdriver in order to complete the task. Tool use is identified as a
procedural skill
Once the task breakdown is complete, have it reviewed by the writer and
Subject Matter Experts
When you review a task breakdown to ensure that all the steps required to do a task are identified, you are reviewing it for
Which portion of the introduction helps to focus the trainees attention on the first major teaching step?
We use a summary to
Restate the objective
What type of training aid reinforces realism
Actual Equipment
One of the more versatile teaching aids available is the
Which Training aid do we use to provide the trainee with a realistic job_type setting since it provides for a good transfer of learning?
When preparing a tentative training session schedule, which do you consider?
The time at which the session is given
When coordinating a training session schedule, the more the supervisors are involved in the process the more they will
accept it
The two types of validation that we can use are?
SME and trainee
Which type of validation is being conducted when the people who need the training are used in the validation process?
As you proceed with the validation of the training, what action do you take when you find an error?
Look for the root problem
What are two parts to a task evaluation program?
Assigning task certifiers and training them
One of the more critical factors that we must consider when selecting a task certifier is
Task Performance
The use of visits, task evaluation reports and quality control reports allows training manager to
review the workcenter training program
What Identifies the required training publication refernces you need for each required job task for an AFSC?
Specialty Training Standard
Which category of publication is directive in nature?
Standard Publication
Which is considered a specialized publication?
Which category of publication is written informally?
The purpose of the coordination process of the CFETP is
Total user command mission related requirements are identified
Which training standard describes a particular duty position?
Air Force Job Qualification Standard
who may authorize an AFJQS to be used as a stand alone document?
AF career field manager
which coordination edit ensures that the information in a publication is valid, accurate and up to date?
Which coordination edit checks for sentence structure and typographical errors?
In coordinating, which type of edit checks to see if the material is understandable for training purposes?
When evaluating a training related classification action, which term items ensure that trainee recieved all of the necessary training?
Task Certification
When evaluating training related classification actions, what is your last step after you reach a decision?
Place the individula into the correct training status code
How do you indentify personnel that have training problems?
Through reviewing reports and computer products, visits and CDC Feedback
Once you identify personnel that are having training problems, what do you look for when deciding the cause of the deficiency?
Root Cause
If a trainee does not concur with removal from training, who forwards documents to the parent MAJCOM
MPF Chief
What is the Airman AFSC Update action for?
Upgrade a trainee
Which training status code reflects an airman attending BMT?
Which training status code reflects an airman attending a skill level awarding techincal school?
Which Training Status code applies to personnel awaiting entry into a formal school?
Which training status code is used when an airman cannot enter or continue in UGT due to the lack of a training capability at the assigned or TDY station
If there is a possibility that a lack of training capability exists, what is the 1st area that you check?
What is your best source of information regarding AF specific courses?
Education and training course announcements
Which publication list specailized correspondence courses that can be taken?
AFIADL Catalog and price listing
What is the definition of distance learning?
Structured learning that takes place without the Phyiscal presence of the instructor
Which organization is designated as the lead command for AF distance learning?
What two formats does the ICW element use to create interactive courseware?
Analog and digital
What are the 3 best steps in handling local training requirements
Review, validate and process the request
Why does the MAJCOM functional manager perform a formal course screening?
To determine what formal courses are required for the next fiscal year.
which type of training is contracted with civilian industrial institutions?
Type 1
Which type of training is conducting by mobile training teams
Type 4
which is a reason to use the Customer Service Information Program?
Graduate does not meet some proficiency levels for tasks listed on the student training standard
What is the purpose of a graduate assessment survey (GAS)?
Shows a snapshot of the trainees first duties and progression at thier first assignment
When may a graduate of a technical school recieve a field evaluation questionnaire
4 - 6 Months after garduating
Why do you review unit statistics during previsit preparations for conducting a staff assistance visit (SAV)
To provide a total view of the unit training program
What is the target audience for the Air Force Training Course?
Trainers and task certifiers
When scheduling training meetings, a unit education and training managers first task should be to
notify the superisors in advance
how can you ensure your training meeting is a sucess
you must have a purpose or objective
When preparing a training meeting agenda, you (the unit ETM) are
preparing yourself
When preparing the meeting minutes, use the date the
minutes are distributed
When an individual first applies for retraining into the 3S2X1 career field who reviews the traning application to ensure all mandatory requirements are met?
Base Education and training manager
What are two esstential key requirements that an education and training manager should have in order to be successful?
The ability to work with people and communicate effectively
For trng required but not offered at your base, where you serve as the office of primary responsibilty for on the job training, what office may be able to send MAJCOM personnel to provide the training?
Higher Headquarters
Who acts as a focal point for enternal evaluations for their command?
How do you manage computer products that you have generated or recieved?
By reviewing and interpeting them, identifying the errors, and annotating or updating the corrections
What action do you take when you recieve a computer product?
Review it to ensure the information is accurate and current
What are two ways to input data through PC-III
Single and multiple updates
Which is not one of the six basic updates accomplished through PC III
Enroll in a AF training course
What are two ways of getting information out of the PCIII system?
One-line inquires or produce reports
Which CAMS function provides you with a small volume of data on your terminal screen?
Retrieve data through on-line transaction identification codes
Which CAMS function product is a by-product of normal processing functions?
Reports required by higher head headquarters
What 4 character CAMS code identifies the category of training or type of course?
Course prefix
What CAMS term specifies the number of hours or days required for course completion
Course Duration
Which CAMS Terms are composed of the five digit Julian date and four digit assigned sequence number?
Event ID
When CAMS computer product is reviewed for spelling and proper sequencing of numbers, it is being checked for
Who do you notify when you find an error on CAMS computer product
the office of primary responsibility
A wrtten test perpared in the training evaluation program should be based on
The Training Standard
Within the maintance complex who is required to keep the offices in the chain of command informed of the status of training?
Logistics training flight
Who completes the AF Fm 898, field training requirements scheduling document?
Training Detachment