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When an I023 management notice indicates suitible interchangeable or subsitute items are available for issue, with whom must demand processing personnel verify approval?
Requesting agency
Issues from a supply point are considered
over the counter
what do personnel in a supply point use to process issues when they are operating without a terminal function?
Post-Post, tex 6`
The computer transaction automatically created to record the withdrwal of a mobility readiness spares package asset to satisfy a mission capability requirement is called
B9(x) MICAP report
What activity code identifies an issue request as a core automated maintenance system document?
What Standard Base Supply System output notifies the core automated maintenance system of changes in the due-out status?
How are cannibalizations processed for a mission capability termination?
TRIC NOR, delete code 8
Which system provides visibility of mission capability and awaiting parts transactions by accepting transactions from depots and bases worldwide, maintains master records and reports for all levels of Air Logistics Center management, and provides the capability to reconcile your base's MICAP/AWP data with the depot?
To perform the due in from maintenance reconciliation, what listing is used?
What due in from maintenance detail recordcan be updated by the transaction identification code "DFM" input?
Firm and Memo
When monitoring awaiting parts end items, personnel at bases submit requests for repair parts on a fill or backorder basis using the urgency justification code
AR and BR
Failure to process transaction identification code TRN data in a correct and timely manner results in reduced base stock levels and incomplete reports from which buy, repair, and distribution decisions are made by personnel in
What product would you use to verify transaction identification code TRN processing is completed?
Daily Document Register
The net repair cycle days for a transaction identification code TRN input must be manually computed
Upon reciept of a 256 reject
To manage the flow of repair cycle assets properly, the preferred location for the processing of due in from maintenance turn-ins is
repair Cycle Support
The small arms groups of selected "XD" items that are candidates for two level repairs are known as
What listing will stock control personnel use to monitor property awaiting dispostion instructions from th item manager
D23 part4
An XF3 item cannot be considered for condemnation unless it cannot be repaired ot the cost repair exceeds what percentage of the replacement cost?
What supply condition code and action code is used to process a Product Quality/ Materiel Deficiency report turn in?
What input is used to load the warehouse location/Product Quality/Material Deficiency Report control number on the due in from maintenance detail record?
What management level includes war reserve materiel equipment requirements in appropriate allowance documents and assigns composition codes to war reserve materiel allowance standards?
Which part of the S05 lists authorizations for which the computer could not find war reserve materiel detail record?
What financial restraint supportability code is loaded to all initial and increased ware reserve materiel authorizations to prevent unauthorized use of materiel management activity group money for war reserve materiel purposes?
What report lists unsupportable war reserve materiel requirements?
How many days can a mobility readiness spares package support a weapon system or weapon support system in a deployed location before re-supply is necessary?
What form is attached to readiness spares package functional check items before they are moved to maintenance?
DD form 1576
Who is accountable for materiel during a deployment of 130 days?
Gaining CSB
How many days before a deployment can a CONUS unit restrict readiness spares package assets from military capability asset sourcing system lateral sourcing?
What transaction identification code input produces the necessary transactions, record updates and files to upload at the gaining activity, and produces documentation to support the transfer of MRSP/IRSP/MSK detail records?
When processin short term equipment deployments, what transaction identification code input is used to deploy single items?
When processing short-term equipment depolyments, what transaction identification code input is used to deploy single items?
When processing a short term equipment deployment, what transaction identification code input and action code sets the deployed indicator to "D" and loads the deployed routing identifier to reflect where the asset is deployed?
1ED, D
The Air Force Equipment Management System (C001) provides e-mail notices to the gaining accountable officer when deployed equipment assets are not reported recieved within
7 days
Who selects the method for document distribution and creation?
Team Chief
What system is used to process all transactions during degraded operations once the proper paperwork is completed?
Accountablility of deployed BEAR assets are maintained for up to how many days on the account of the storing command's owning unit who shipped the assets?
During which phase of the deliberate planning process are support agreements drawn and finalized?
As it applies to wartime capability documents, what computer database tells you the who, what, where, when and how things need to deploy if the operations plan is implemented?
For wartime capability, a unit that is fully combat ready is identified by a
C-1 rating
What war-time capability system provides HQ USAF, AF component commanders, MAJCOMs, and Aerospace Expeditionary Force Center readiness information to employ, manage, and sustain Expeditionary Air Force operations?
A custodian uses what Air Force form to request non-equipment authorization inventory data items?
Non-equipment authorization inventory data item requests are identified by what expendability, recoverability repairability, cost designator?
What Air Force form is used to request a change to an allowance standard or an equipment item whose basis of issue requires approval above wing or base level?
What menu option in the Air Force equipment Managemnt System (C001) is used to enter equipment allowance change requests electronically?
A reporting organization file is accomplished
Personel at what Air Force activity maintains a central file of all weapon items by serial number?
Warner-Robins Air Logistics Center
Serial numbers for a weapon items on hand in the LRS are maintained on what type detail?
What is sent from the serial number control system to a base that fails to process the communication security reconciliation as required?
XHB, COMSEC control reject report with COMSEC error notification code "7B"
What allowance manager has the responsibility for the final review and approval or disapproval of organizational and individual equipment items, quantities and basis of issue, and non-routine requests to be included in equipment allowance standards?
What type of adjusted stock level is used to restirct stockage?
What input changes an adjusted stock level detail record from unconfirmed (memo) to confirmed (firm)
How often does the readiness based level system run at AFMC to push readiness based levels to both base and depot?
Readiness based levels are forwarded to the base for retail supply system implementation by
an electronic HQ AFMC Computed Level Transaction (XCA)
What transaction identification code is used to transfer assets to the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office?
Within what time frame must action required (ARC) images be wroked before another one is output?
Five days
What status code deletes a due in that does not have a due out under program control
What transaction identification code is input if a requirement no longer exists?
What cancellation status code indicates a due in cancellation was generated by an offline action?
During file status or requirments computation, what does the program produce, when an item record contains an exess exception code?
At a minimum, how often are item records with a shipping exception code reviewed and validated?