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When switches continue to propagate broadcasts over and over this is called?
Broadcast storm
What does STP Stand for?
Spanning-Tree protocol
What are the 4 states of STP?
1. Blocking
2. listening
3. learning
4. Forwarding
What is the command to configure a static VLAN on a switch?
switch#vlan database
What commands are used to display VLAN configuration on a switch? Choose 3
1. Show vlan brief
2. show vlan id
3. show vlan
What is the proprietary Cisco trunking protocol?
With ISL, an ethernet frame is encapsulated with a header that contains a?
What does VTP stand for?
VLAN Trunking protocol
What do switches do to learn unknown destination MAC addresses?
How many root bridges can be on a network?
VLans are considered a ______?
Logical group
What VLAN type maximizes forwarding performance?
How many VTP domains can a switch be in?
Which mode only forwards VTP advertisements?
What is a VLAN
A logical group of network stations, services, and devices that is not restricted to a physical LAN segment
What are the 2 types of trunking mechanisms?
Frame Filtering and Frame Tagging
VTP switches operate in which 3 modes?
1. Server
2. Client
3. Transparent
When using STP what determines the root bridge?
Lowest BID
For a VLAN to span across multiple switches a _________ is required?
What command shows a short description of each VLAN
show vlan brief
By default server and client Catalyst switches issue VTP advertisements how often?
Every 5 minutes
What is meant by router on a stick?
a means of inter-VLAN routing that reliese on an external router trunked to a switch
What are 3 sources of Latency?
1. propogation delay while signal traverses the network
2. Latency of network devices
3. Time it takes NIC to place voltage pulses on the wire and time it takes destination NIC to interpret these pulses
What does resistances on a cable cause?
Loss of signal strength
What are the key aspects to a network that must be identified before designing the network?
1. Access Layer to connect end users to the LAN
2. Distribution layer to provide policy-based connectivity between end user LANS
3. A core layer that provides the fastest connection between distribution points
What type of switch is used in switching backbone?
High Speed Switch
What type of switching offers the lowest level of latency?
Fast Forward
When the post fails on a switch the LED turns what color?
A distrubution layer switch operates at what layer of OSI model?
Layer 2 and Layer 3
What layer of the network is security normally implemented?
distribution layer
What 2 files must be deleted to completely remove an existing configuration file from a Cisco switch?
1. startup-config
2. VLAN.dat
What modes do switches use to forward frames?
1. Store and Forward
2. Cut Through
How much of a packet does a switch need to read before forwarding it on Cut-Through Switching?
Destination address
What are the 4 main requirements in LAN Design
1. Functionality
2. Scaleability
3. Adaptability
4. Managability
What 4 things can be monitored by the System LED's on the front of a switch?
1. Full Duplex vs Half Duplex
2. Speed
3. Amount of Data traveling through the switch
4. Connected Interfaces and if they are working properly