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Which of the following is considered a DTE device?
What is the term used to describe the variation in delay of received packets?
How many B channels can be used when talking about various types of ISDN?
2 and 23
ATM refers to the data they send across the network as _________?
What could be wrong when you get serial X is up down Line protocol is down
router misconfigured

hardware problem on local or remote router
When serial x is adminstratively down what cammand should you enter to try to get it up.
no shutdown
What 2 layers of the OSI model do Wans exist?
1 and 2
what of the following is true regarding frame relay
it offeres no error correction or flow control
What is the demarc point?
the point where the responsibility of the telco ends
What 2 protocols make up PPP?
Link control protocol
Network control protocol
What command is used to verify proper configuration of HDLC or PPP encapsulation?
Show interfaces serial
PSTN is an example of what
circuit switched network
What are 2 protocols that DCE/DTE interface use?
HSSI and V.35
TDM has how many time slots
Layer 1 with 9 time slots
How a machine on a lan appears to another machine on the same LAN is an example of _____
Inside local address
What is different between BRI and PRI
BRI = 2 B Channels
PRI = 23 B Channels
what command is used to display the ip addresses that have been binded to a MAC Address
Show IP dhcp binding
What are RFC private adresses that cant be routed
RFC 1918
what port is used by client to send messages to the server in DHCP