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isdn b-channels can use ____ connections
ISDN uses in or outbound signaling?
ISDN standards were developed by?
international telecommunication union telecommuniccation standardization sector.
protcol isdn uses to establish a call or signaling?
q.921-lapd (link access procedure on d-channel.
q.931-ISDN network layer between terminal and switch.
both of these are Q series protocols.
what is inband signaling?
both the b and d channels share the same path way.
ISDN is packet or circuit switched?
ISDN is circuit switched.
d channel traffic is based on LAPD which is a verison of HDLC.
ISDN BRI contains 2 subframes. Each frame conatins?
Each BRI frame is ____ bits?
# of frames transmittted a sec?
8 bits from B1
8 bits from b2
2 bits from d
6 bits overhead
48 bits.
4000 frames.
ISDN layer and signaling used?
ISDN uses layer 1, 2, 3.
L3-Q.931 & IP
L1-i.430 for bri
i.431 for PRI.
SPDI has what info
Line setup and configuration that identifies the user to the service provdier.
Used with BRI
SPID does not have to be used when using what switch-type
At&t 5ESS
SPID is used to idenitify?
Each B-channel on a BRI.
ISDN switch-type can be a global and interface config.
what is teh cpmmand to config ISDN BRI.
assign spid?
(config)#isdn switch-type basic-ni.
(config-if)#isdn spid1 [spid-number] [ldn]
(config-if)#isdn spid2 [spid-number] [ldn]
commands to config isdn PRI.
(config)#isdn switch-type primary-net5
(config)#controller t1
(config-controller)#linecode b8zs
(config-controller)#pri-group [timeslots_range]
(config)#interface serial [port:channel] {s0/0:23}
DDR interesting traffic is defined with the _____?
DDR process.
1. route to destination is determined
2. interesting packet dicate DDR call
3. dialer info is looked up
4. traffic is transmitted.
5. when timer expires call is terminated.
deifference betwen legacy ddr and ddr profiles?
legacy ddr is used when 1 set of dialer parameters are applied to an interface. Very basic.
commands to config ISDN bri. legacy
(config)#isdn switch-type basic-ni
(config)#interface bri 0
(config-if)#isdn spid1 1222222 555556
(config-if)#1222222 5555557
and define a static route***
commands to config interesting traffic. legacy
#dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit
interface bri 0
dialer-group 1
interface bri 0
dialer-idle-timeout 120
dialer map ip moscow
bri interface is set up the same as a serial interface using the encapsulation ppp command and authenication.
to config dialer information. (complex)
without ACLS
#dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit.
with ACLs
#dialer-list 2 protocol ip list 101
#access-list 101 deny tcp any any eq ftp
(config-if)#dialer-group 1
(config-if)#dialer-map ip [next-hop-address] [hostname] [speed 56-64] broadcast [# to dial]
dialer-group is a # between?
dialer-profile is made of?
2.dialer pool- a group of one or more physical interfaces associated with one ore more interfaces.
3. physical interfaces
debug isdn q931 is used for
viewing layer 2 isdn call setup exchanges.
the command #debug isdn q921. will give you a bunch of numbers what are the meaning of these?
0x05- indicates a call setup message.
0x02 indicates a call proceeding message.
0x07- indicates a call connect message
0x0F-indicates a connect ack message.
ISDN switch-type is?
essential for all ISDN BRI interface connections.
why are static routes preferred over dynamic routes for ISDN connections?
cause dynamic routes may cause the router constantly dial to transmit updates.
command to determine if the ISDN link is up.
#show isdn status
why most routers specify the ISDN switch-type?
switches use various implementations of Q.931
what command will display current call info, including the called number.
#show isdn active
commad to see what the isdn timer is set to?
#show dialer