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Which mode must you be logged into in order to set the enable secret on a switch?
Global Configuration
You are able to Telnet into a router but are denied access to Privileged EXEC mode. What could cause this behavior?
No enable secret has been set
Which command displays the OSPF topology database for a router?
show ip ospf database
Which of the following enhancements to the 5GHz WLAN radio technology pertains specifically to "right-sizing" power levels to maximize battery life and minimize interference among components?
Which of the following is the essential protocol choice for VLAN identification among switches in a mixed-vendor environment?
IEEE 802.1Q
What does a VLAN Management Policy Server (VMPS) do?
Allows dynamic VLAN-to-switch port assignment
What are FragmentFree, Modified cut-through, and fast forward switch types?
fragmentfree and modified cutthrough are the same and read the first 64 bytes of a frame before forwarding. Fast forward is cut-through.
Which protocol allows you to easily identify neighbor devices without establishing Layer 3 protocol support?
In a typical WAN circuit, which of the following would be considered to be the CPE?
Access router
Name an IEEE specification that corresponds to the highest sublayer of the OSI Model's Data Link layer?
802.2, LLC Logical Link Control
At which prompt would you configure a standard named access list?
Router(config-std-nacl)# (there's also a config-ext-nacl)
Is Frame Relay connectionless? How about Ethernet?
Frame relay is a connection-oriented protocol, Ethernet is a connectionless protocol
What command gives you a snapshot of the current NAT translation on your router?
show ip nat translations
In times of congestion, which bit is set in the Frame Relay header to indicate that the frame should be discarded before any of the frames without the bit set are discarded?
DE Discard eligible